[Mythic Saga] Get the most bang for your Gold! (locked)

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Yes Mythic Saga is a free to play game, but if your one of the players who enjoy what you see why not get the most for your Gold by Topping Up/Recharging during the perfect time!
In the top of your screen there is the Treasury:

Inside you will find a plethora of events including events for our paid players and free players. On the first page you will notice all the free items you can get for either purchasing Gold or using Gold (Not Gold Coins).
The important part is to pay attention to the Treasury Events as each are geared toward a certain system. For instance the next few days might grant you mount-based items, and then the event after that might be Gear.
By paying attention to the Treasury Events you will be sure to get the most out of Mythic Saga!
The Mythic Saga Team.

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