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Ship Name: Brilliant Gateway
(inspired partially by bun bun’s most recent ship and raa’s carrier)

Appearance: The primary hull is composed of two sleek pontoon-like pods each emanating a translucent forward arcing “wing”. The ship also sports a twisting vortex nestled between the wings in the front of the craft. The overall appearance is much like that of a protoss tempest from heart of the swarm, except with the wings being translucent and immaterial.

Role: A movement based support ship, (as opposed to a healing based support ship) capable of teleporting allies across the battlefield.

Pilot: I am open to suggestions.


Teleported Bombardment:
- Asteroids are teleported in and flung towards the enemy.
- The high speed chunks of space debris slam into the enemy ship and bounce off to potentially hit another target, or even a third before breaking into pieces.
-Damage, range, and rate of fire are comparable to the dread’s BFG, only bouncing takes the place of explosion damage, and the asteroids to not simply pass over allied ships and clank wall.
–The secondary target takes 60% damage and the third takes 40% (note, the third target may be the same as the first if bounced properly).
-Bouncing off of allied targets or walls does no damage, but counts as a collision and therefore reduces the damage of future collisions.

Unstable Jump
- Teleports the ship a moderate distance forward and then discharges a nova of spent and volatile vorp.
- Requies a brief charging period, similar to omen sphere but does not slow down the ship. Blast radius is similar to 4 charges of ventilate and the damage is similar to that of sting missile. Teleportation distance scales as ninvisible.
-This ship was not meant to teleport itself, but reckless pilots have hotwired it to do so with sometimes deadly consequences.
-The gateway is closed for ally transport while the jump is charging.

Expunging Vortex:
- Enemies caught in the vortex are teleported to their farthest depot.
- Again requires a brief charging period and the vortex (which visibly changes color from the regular mode) lasts for 1.5 seconds, 2.2 seconds or 2.9 seconds as upgraded
- The gateway is closed for ally transport while the expunging vortex is charging or active.
-This is the primary defensive ability and serves as a support ability in the right circumstances.

Deploy Portal:
- Deploys a vortex that allows allied ships two-way transport between the deployed vortex and the brilliant gateway’s frontal vortex.
- Is deployed or recalled similar to the clankor’s turret. Also similar to the clank’s turret, it is destructible by enemy fire and cannot be deployed again until after a cool down.
- After a ship passes through the gate in either direction, there is a short delay before the gate recharges and another ship may pass.
-Upgrading this ability decreases the recharging time and deployment cool down and it increases the vortex’s energy.
-The color of the deployed gate and frontal vortex changes when recharging or when inactive due to using unstable jump or expunging vortex.
-This is the ship’s primary supporting ability and can be used near a depot for fast ally heals, at the core to help respawning allies get back to the fight… possibilities abound.

Please note that the translucent wings are non-collidable such that allies can more easily enter the gate and enemies can be caught in the expunger. To prevent wonton teleporting allies away when you accidentally bump into them, perhaps they should need to stay in the ship’s frontal vortex for half a second in order to teleport.

As a support ship, it should be relatively slow but with decent energy. My initial thought is to use the same values from the dreadnaught.

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This… is really cool.
The Teleported Bombardment should gain speed with upgrades and, therefore, more damage.
The Unstable jump, if I read this right, temporarily stops the front portal from working, preventing use of all loadouts?
Expunging Vortex Is pretty good. Needs to teleport enemies faster than the Deploy Portal, though.
It doesn’t really need the translucent wings to be non-collidable, as the ships are round and act as round objects.
Should be a bit faster than Dreadnaught, as it doesn’t have as many attacks.

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Fantastic idea.

I think that the ship will have a significant presence in a match, if used properly to support your allies, but I’m not confident its powerful enough yet. I can’t help but think that it will suffer from having so little damage if it specs into its support abilities, although expunging vortex would probably help with that.

Some suggestions:

-Deployed portals should provide vision, similar to clank’s turret.
-Deployed portals are invincible and unusable for the first 5 seconds after deployment (allows for aggressive tactical portal play, also prevents accidental microjumps)
-Decrease asteroid damage, but eliminate bounce damage decay, and make asteroid lifetime scale with level. This makes it more unique and interesting, rather than a slightly alternative BFG.

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Well, obviously, the asteroids should do more damage as you upgrade them. When I refer to the upgrades as “similar to x ability” that already exists, I mean on a level by level basis. Having the projectile speed increase as well would offer another advantage. I guess that’s a balancing question.

Yeah, I’m not sure if unstable jump should prevent all loadouts from working while charging. If it turns out to be too much of a hindrance and no one uses it, then perhaps it should just have a shorter charge time. Perhaps it should just prevent expunger and deployed gate but allow asteroids. IDK

As for expunging vortex, I probably could have explained it better. It causes the frontal portal to change for a given duration, and during that duration, any enemy ship that enters is immediately whisked away. No .5 sec wait time like for the allied ships.

This could be really handy in a group push into the enemy base, if three defenders come to intervene in a tight formation, the expunger could really buy the attacking team some time to harass the base unhindered. Obviously, fast ships will be back rather quickly, but you should have destroyed one or two turrets by then, depending on how many friends you brought with you.

You may be right about needing to be faster than the dread. Even with the ship and primary attack projectiles going faster, it would still get fewer kills than a dread because two of it’s load outs are support abilities rather than Dread’s four damaging load outs that can all be used at the same time.

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Lol Mirror you posted while I was writing a reply for bunbun.

Good suggestions, the only one I am hesitant about is invincible gate. Once you get a gate deep into the enemy base, it would suck if there was nothing they could do about it and backdooring skyrockets.

Oh wait, you said invincible for 5 seconds. Hmm. Ok, all of your suggestions are good.

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Ok, so I thought of a sci fi reference that would work well for this ship’s pilot.

Pilot: Edrim Arackeel Race: Tupilon Favorite food. Bang!-spiced coffee

Appearance: a swollen-headed pinkish alien with small limbs and webbed digits.

The Tupilons are employed as navigators far across the galaxy for their ability to fold space across great distances and to quickly calculate the complex algorithms needed to fold a safe path. Their mental capabilities are enhanced by regular consumption of large quantities of B! which is theorized to have altered their physical evolution. When traffic is low and clients are scarce, some Tupilons, like Edrim, turn to more violent means of feeding their B! addiction.

Quote: The Bang! must flow.

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haha I LOLed when reading expunging vortx. enemies would rage so hard… love it!

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How many attacks are in the jump? I think it would be good to have it consist of many small particles so that a good player could teleport on another player and hit them with the damage of 4 sting missles at once.

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Gorigomi, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I assume you are referring to unstable jump and either you are suggesting that the jump have charges, similar to circe, or just do four times as much damage. Either way, I’m pretty sure that would make it OP.

The damage of an ant unleashing two sting missiles in your face is already pretty damn impressive.

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Sorry I meant that it should act like klank’s shotgun, in that the closer you are, you get hit with more shots and take more damage. I also assumed you meant unleveld ant missles.