[Clash of the Dragons] damage on deplete question

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So i was in the mb and we ended up playing pass the deplete damage. But when my deplete damage hit his flask it didn’t do 3 damage it did 192 the ammount of the original hit (inferno mc nuke + magma sword). Is that right or a bug?

dragon gains buff from Magma Sword
dragon plays Inferno
Inferno deals 192 damage to Grakberos
dragon depletes 1 from Bloody Banquet
dragon banishes:
– Nectar of the Gods
Grakberos depletes 3 from Nectar of the Gods

Grakberos banishes:
– Acid Flask
depletes 192 from Acid Flask

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It is correct.

Acid flask deplete cards based on the original damage.

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The “direct” damage, to be entirely accurate.