[Vorp!] For Developers Matchmaker upgrade

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A little idea how to improve the MM.
This way Newbie Players get the chance not to play against Progamers and getting farmed hard.

Of course you have to be rated lower than the chosen ratings. And not to low ( like max -50 and so on ).

And of course, Developers have to work on this game again. But whenever they think about advertising the game again this is a NEED TO BE DONE step!

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Multiple options, of course. When there are less Players your waiting time wont be hell long

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A simple matchmaking system: say X is the average rating of the players waiting for a match. Divide them into two groups, one below X+Y and one above X-Y, where Y defines the overlap and should be adjusted dynamically depending on the amount of players (say Y=100 for 50 players, Y=0 for 100 or more); this way queue times don’t shoot through the roof.

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The system is working like that atm. And that means: Newbies will get into matches with Pro´s. And we need to stop that

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The wait times are long, but I wouldn’t mind longer wait times if it meant having a good mm. If Endgames ever gets the opportunity to draw in a new round of newbs and they stay, that will fix the wait time issue.

This is gambling on the optimistic, but is the only way to make for a game that can grow, even if it means things suck for a while while the game is small.