[Skyshard Heroes] Balance Pass Redux! (locked)

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The changes we made before went pretty well so I wanted to open the floor again to you all.

Recently, we buffed all units health, except Airships and Gyrocopters, so that they would be more hardy. That came with the first map push. Have you noticed that units stay alive longer?

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As requested, New Hero Balances that have come to question-
-Tarkus: He is by far the strongest 1 on 1 hero and is almost impossible to kill at lvl10 especially. He is the best offensive conquest hero, that can easily take lvl10 tiles with ease in one attack. A lvl10 Jorund defending him on a lvl 10 tile with hero and orb of power buffs, brought him to half health…imo that dosent seem fair/balanced to me.
The best method making this a bit more even is to nerf the armor buff that Triumphant Roar gives him, its a pretty strong skill as is, it dosent need to give him armor too! :P
At max level 10 Jorund should beat Tarkus 1 on 1 imo.
-Isunda: (spykes idea) Mechanized Sight makes her able to hit keris in shadowalk. :)
Everybody else is ok and is pretty balanced.

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Sean, use keris or Jorund + trumpet against tarkus, you don’t have to wear google when you fight against tarkus(he don’t have stun skill)

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Alaric’s ancient and old nerf to the Puncture needs to be lifted. He is now a mediocre hero at best. Keris’s Rupture FAR exceeds Alaric’s Puncture in mana cost, duration, and damage dealt (also % debuff?). Alaric’s Holy Shield is too short to be worthwhile at all. It needs to go up to 15 seconds and maybe +8 radius at level 10. Divine Light is fine. Honored Blades needs to go up to 5 radius AT THE VERY LEAST. (6 would be good). Stats is fine.

Isunda is awesome at wiping units, but Seriphra exceeds Isunda in every possible way. (except range and speed). I’m having a hard time coming up with suggestions for her except for giving her passive the extra ability of giving towers a slight attack speed bonus (say 0.05 each level for a total of 0.5 second attack speed at L10)?

Tarkus looks crazy overpowered considering the ease of claiming L10 conquest tiles. Other than that, no thoughts.

Other heroes not leveled up enough for me to have an knowledgeable opinion on them.

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Tarkus is fine as is, everyone is just complaining because Tarkus makes Colette obsolete. Tarkus can still be defended against pretty fairly, he’s not an unstoppable machine. I say make the Berserk cost less, or last longer, or lessen the damage percentage that Jorund recieves, to make it more fair with Tarkus’ defence, and overall ownage.

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Just comparing armor buffs to give devs something to think about:

Triumphant Roar at Level 10 +50 Armor, AoE, 13 seconds. Cleanses negative status. 30 MP
Holy Shield at Level 10 +40 Armor, small Aoe, 10 seconds. 40 MP
Arcane Armor at Level 10 +30 Armor, Huge Aoe, Passive (No mana cost, unlimited duration)
Reinforce at Level 10 +75 Armor, Self only, 8 seconds. 40 MP

*Got stats from Alex’s guide. Not 100% sure if they are updated

You can see how Holy Shield is so inferior to Triumphant Roar and Reinforce being useless.

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Imma repost here my Gasket suggestion that may already be lost and forgotten in the other thread. Apologies for reposting..

Gasket’s Reinforce

Current: Increase Armor by X. Lasts X seconds.
Suggestion: Increase Armor by X and taunts surrounding enemies making them attack Gasket. Lasts X seconds.

*Consider changing skill name

This will make Gasket more viable when defending. Yes he has high natural armor and a big boost in armor when Reinforce is cast but his tankyness is useless if he is just ignored.. esp during solo hero cit rush.

Gasket’s Passive (Quake)

Current: If target is at full health, deals X damage and stuns for X seconds. (TOTAL CRAP)
Suggestion: Gasket returns X damage to units or buildings that attacks him. (Damage may be either flat or percentage.. i think percentage damage will be more balanced and scale in levels better)

*Consider changing skill name

Current passive is CRAP. Why? If you defend and one of your bunkers hit a group of units, then it is USELESS AS FUCK. If you attack with an army and your mages/rangers/airships attacked buildings first before him, then again the passive is USELESS AS FUCK. My suggestion will synergize better with his other skill and make him deal more damage which he currently lacks compared to other heroes.

My suggestion may look overpowered but it all falls down on the numbers.. its the idea/concept that is important. At present, I see Gasket as a heap of junk and a waste of Honor not because of his stats, but because of his skillset. I hope this will make Gasket viable now.

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Ooooookay, here I go.

I’ll take every hero and comment on them.

General comments:
-For most re-balanced skills and some others, L8→9 is more worth it than 9→10 when 9→10 is 1.5x the cost and 2x the duration. This should be fixed.
-Numerous skills do no work at first usage. This plays a huge role in battles. 1 failed skill can lead to a defeat and many lost units (seriously).
-After using a manual-target AOE attack, the selected target is de-selected and another target is fakely (no damage is actually done) auto-selected.
-(Edit)Clicking a tower makes the hero walk to it instead of attacking it 98% of the time.

-Honored Blades range does need a range buff.
-Holy Shield needs a time buff or lower mana usage.
Rest is fine.

I think he’s good as is.

-Stagger Bolt needs to reduce target’s range more.
-Mechanized sight needs slight radius increase.
-Level 9→10 Range needs to be adjusted. Either make L10 give 8 range or L9 give 6.5 range.
-Level 9 speed/damage should give 110 speed too.
Rest is fine.

100% Support pheeeee’s post.
If not, here’s what could be done to fix his current skills:
-Barrage needs to deal more damage and/or on a wider width.
-Reinforce seriously needs to last much longer or have much less mana usage (or what phee said).
-Quake’s effect should always work on 1st hit no matter how much health is on the target, or simply be completely changed.
Rest is fine.

I disagree with Manaco. Rupture only deals damage over time vs alaric’s capacity to spam puncture damage. Rupture will not stack, meaning less damage in a shorter period of time, so I think it isn’t unbalanced. Aside from that:
-Shadowwalk shouldn’t have received the debuff it did. Simply giving it < Duration + 2 > cooldown would have been perfect.

-Debuffing Blinding Light was a good move.
-Perfect Timing should last 6 seconds to allow 3 hits. 5 seconds is a bit pointless.
-Debuffing her Arcane Armor was 100% unnecessary. It should’ve been buffed or untouched. She’s a support hero, so why debuff her support abilities?
The rest is fine.

I don’t even know what to do about this hero… So, no comment.

-Fire could use a tiny buff in damage per second. I was hoping for 15/sec at lvl 10 to make it more worthwhile.
-Water should last 6 seconds for the same reason as Colette’s PT.
-(Edit)Air should affect nearby units by buffing them with half the armor Seripha gets.
The rest is fine.

I agree that Tarkus’s armor needs to go, or at least be greatly reduced.
The rest is fine.

That’s all I have to say, but it may not be everything there is to say.

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Since you disagree, how about making Puncture last 10 seconds? Can’t spam it more often as we already do now, and we have the option to NOT puncture so much.

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Ok here’s my take on champions.

- “Honored blades” needs a buff to its range.
- “Holy Shield” needs a buff to it’s duration or it’s mana cost reduced by half.

I think he’s the best balanced hero in the game right now.

Havent used her yet so I have no opinion about her.

- “Barrage” needs a slight dmg buff and a wider width.
- “Reinforce” needs a big duration buff right now it lasts way to short.
- “Quake” should stun units at first hit (as Alex said) and at certain hp tresholds like at 66% and 33%.
Or you can just do what pheeeee said since I agree with him.

Havent used him to much since I just got him recently. Tho I think his shadowalk needs a slightly longer duration but also a longer cooldown with like 2 seconds of him being unable to use it. It would give other champions a chance to attack/stun him.

I agree with everything Alex said.

-“Lock On” needs a duration buff so it would last 6 seconds.
The rest is fine.

Just got her so no opinion yet.

He just needs armor nerf. Other than that hes fine.

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My view:

He is great overall but i would like his ‘’Holy Shield’’ to be more than a skill that i never use due to its cost or the inability to produce the effects that are worthy that 40mana.And he could use a small buff to ’’Honored Blades" either to range or even to dmg

He is fine as he is

She looks good though her “Stagger Bolt” is not worth the effort and “Mechanised Sight” could use a range buff .

What phee and alex said

He is good and i dont think he needed the debuff or a new on on his “Shadowalk”.What needs to be done is to make citadel rushing or even silo rushing impossible without an army :P

100% agreed with alex

He seems to have great potential but he lacks the edge to do that. So a buff to his dmg or even to some of his skills would be great

She is a fine as is

He is great as he is though i would like a few more seconds on his passive. .He can not support troops or spam skills cause his are expensive so do not take his armor down cause he will be rendered useless.

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Great ideas! I’ll be compiling things shortly and letting you guys know what’s up.

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Go here! http://www.kongregate.com/forums/177-skyshard-heroes/topics/324551-hero-balance-writeup