New Power-Ups System is here!

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Hi guys!

Big changes have come to Dungeon Rampage today, so buckle on those shields, strap on those swords, and get ready for some cool new gameplay with the new Power-Ups system!

You can now find Item Boxes in dungeons or in the Shop! Item boxes, which can be unlocked with coins or Gems, contain Power-Ups that can be equipped in new “belt slots” and brought into dungeons to be used later, or Boosters that can be used from the Storage screen.

- You’ll start out with 2 Belt Slots per Hero. Power-Ups (or stacks of Power-ups) can be equipped to the Belt Slots from the Storage screen.
- Stat boosters, like Mana, Power, and Speed Boosters, will no longer be purchasable in the Shop but you can still find Health Bombs and XP and Gold boosters there.
- Boosters are now time-based, not dungeon-based. To activate a Booster, click on the “Use” button on the item in your Storage. The Booster will be consumed and the countdown will begin. Using additional Boosters of the same type will extend the timer.
- Weapon Chests can still be found in dungeons but will no longer contain Boosters, Health Bombs, or other consumables. Those will only be found in the Item boxes.
- Stat Boosters are now Power-Ups, and will increase your abilities for a short time.
- Your Belt Slots appear above your weapons when you’re in a dungeon. Press the corresponding number or click on the box to use them.
- Belt Slots have cooldowns, so you can’t repeatedly use items from the same Belt Slot.
- Each Belt Slot can carry a stack of up to 9 Power-ups of the same type. When you exit a dungeon, any partially filled stacks will be replenished from available stores, if any.
- Purchasing a chest from the Shop will now open the chest immediately instead of placing it in your inventory with a key.
- XP and Power boosters have been removed from Gifts and replaced with 1 Health Shot and 1 Mana Shot.
- Your existing Boosters will be converted to the new system, and you’ll get a few of the cool new ones (Strange Shroom, anyone?) to try out!

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When is the update finish soooo long

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Now I like it xD Just clicked my daily… and went all-zombie-like ‘Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh?!’ as I’ve got defense up. I also did enjoy the item tab named “Stuff” xD

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I just wanna know what the Colosseum at the bottom right corner is actually gonna be.

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I think you guys might have overestimated the value of some of the boosters. Just as one possible example…

Why would anyone choose a health booster over a health bomb?

Health boosters heal 25% (text says 10%, but from testing they seem to really heal 25%) They have a carrying limit of 8, they have to be used preventatively and they’re susceptible to overheal. You have to use them before you die, but if you use one and then stumble on healing food five seconds later you’ve basically wasted it.

Whereas health bombs revive you from unconsciousess and heal you ll the way to 100%, plus provide AoE damage and knockback effects to give you a chance to run away from whatever killed you. They heal four times as much, they do damage, they have no carrying limit and there’s never any guesswork involved with using them because you can wait until you die…and even then you can keep waiting to see if your companions will revive you.

Health booster basically serve no purpose. Even if they were 100% heal, health bombs would still be better. And in fact, there are 100% heal boosters, and they’re something that we have to pay for to open item boxes…but even if they were free they still wouldn’t be as good as health bombs. Paying 750 coins to open a box and getting some 100% heals is a complete waste when we have effectively infinite free health bombs.

So I haven’t tried all of the boosters yet. I haven’t come across one of these apparently super-rare gold bonuses boosters I keep hearing about, for example. But most of the boosters I have found have pretty much left me wondering what purpose they’re supposed to serve.

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Originally posted by LordBucket:

Health booster basically serve no purpose.

And I just opened up my first “royal” item box for 5000 gold and received 4 completely worthless health potions.


Do you understand how useless these are when we have free infinite health bombs that not only restore you to 100% but also revive you from death?

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Well, i opened my 5k box and there was a pair of some sweet boosters. Keep opening it. I was sceptical about update at first, but now my mind is changed.

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everything lordbucket said was correct health bombs are way better, grindhouse levels enemy’s can swarm you in an instant and kill you fast now with this update its made it even harder plus no new heros, maps or no gold increase or price decrease after the tons of tons of people agreeing that we don’t get enough gold and the prices are to damn high i guess DR_celerity doesn’t read our complaints or just doesn’t care. What a waste on a game that could of been something much more

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will my booster countdown be stop during maintenance?