[Esgrima 2] Dye's

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How do you use the dye’s or are they just normal items?

It would help if this game had item descriptions or a proper newbie guide as I feel like i’m running through this game blind most of the time.

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A good place to ask questions is in the kongregate chat for Esgrima 2. Though I DO agree with you, proper descriptions for items are seriously lacking.

To your question. The four different Dyes(Armor/Helmet/Clothing/Hat) are ingredients in several Recipes for crafting the elite gear. Dye usually sell in player shops for 5-10k each(though, you can sometimes find it for much less).

Hope that helped. Good luck and happy crafting :)

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Thank you very much for your reply, I did kind of think after playing it for longer that it might be a craft item but I really appreciate your reply and clarification :)