[Iron Grip: Marauders] Famous Friday: New 3D Artist!

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As you have seen in our sneak peek for 2013, we’ve got a lot of plans for the coming year. Fulfilling ambitions is hard work and we need all the help we can get. Today we welcome our new 3-D graphics designer. I’m sure you are curious to get to know him! Therefore, Sneaky snuck up on him and asked him a few questions. You have to wait for our new games to see Martijn in action ;) .

Maybe you should start with telling us a little bit about yourself.
Hi there,
I am Martijn de Waard. I am 41 years old and probably the first 3D artist who is retiring. I’m from Alkmaar but since August I’m living in Hilversum. I’ve worked for several advertising agencies as a graphic designer for 12 years before I started working for Guerrilla Games as an Asset artist. There I’ve worked for 6 years on Killzone 1, 2 and 3.

What’s it like to work at ISOTX?
In one word: IMPECCABLE!

What are your interests in terms of design?
Mecha, Dieselpunk, Victorian, doesn’t matter as long as they are female and naked.

What would you bring to the IG universe?

What are your favorite games?
I’m sorry to admit that I almost never play games. But I’ve played Killzone and Red Dead Redemption. I also play Warhammer. (Damn I’m a nerd after all). But, to compensate that I visit concerts almost twice a month.