[Jagged Alliance Online] Tribute to Rambo event results

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It has been a long evening for some contenders.
Others where able to score high enough in only a few hours.

The undisputed first place goes to: DreamTeamPL, a fierce level 31 merc company who scored twice the points of second place.
DreamTeamPL will receive 500 gold! Congratulations!

The winners of 100 gold for place 2 – 5 are:
Onyx Ravens
Jamosh ltd

The lucky winner of the lottery is Puman, who will also receive 100 gold.

The prizes will be delivered soon.
We hope all participants had fun with some matches!

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Did you actually have to win a match to have a chance at the lottery/participant prize? Or simply compete?

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Grats to winners!


1. The event was too short.
2. It needed to have some Rambo-tag / selection on it. I didn’t get to play any real match. All opponents had armor when I was naked. (and good weapons I assume.)

Thoughts for next time.

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We will get an ingame news window with the next patch that allows us to promote events like this better.
Next time we´ll also announce it a little sooner and communicate the rules better, maybe moderate it while it´s going on.

I think the event was actually a little too long for that kind of challenge :)

Next event will be something less complicated. like the molwanian airspace event.
But we are eager to try naked PvP again as soon as possible!

And yes stankybones, you needed to win a match to be considered for the lottery.