[Dino Storm] Loading system

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After the recent addon for the loading bar when first run the java enviroment, ive had to refresh, and even cleared browser cache and it still seems to glitch and stop loading at the final check of Starting game (50% refresh, clear cache- 99%)

So now im out of options and want to hear if anyone else has experienced this recent loading error.

Edit: after waiting afew hrs it seemed to have fixed itself, strange yet idk what i could of done to remedy it on my end of the console.

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New topic, i used to have an existing profile via Kongregate.com, as to when the loading completes itself. Was able to pick from the 2 available servers, now its asking me for another amount of info with a Splitscreen studios Login provider.

As far as i know, att kongregate profiles are unable to be used until they sync this new loading program they added. Why it was added, is more a headache then it used to be :/

Edit: heh, should just wait without any cause for alarm… all seems fine with loading now. Disregard entire post

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It happened to me also.