[Esgrima 2] GRIMREAPERS (guild)

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Since esgrima is low on guilds so it seems im creating an end game raiding guild.


Level 50
Must be interested in farming War Factory and farming the mats for keys
PvP interest is optional
Active and friendly

The aim is to farm end game bosses, mats, weapons armour, recipes etc as new zones open up.

My ign and kong name is BLAAAZE if you cant get hold of me and your interested leave a message here and i,ll get back to you cheers.

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Lvl 45 Guardian ATM, trying to grind these last 5 and then i would LOVE to join. xBeWarned here

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I nominate zerohp, for starters. :)
I shall return after running and lifting with more mates who fit the bill.

Take it sleazy

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i nominate myself…do you want me to add any of my other chars mr. blaaaze?

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neo you was recommended and have been added welcome to the reapers :)