[Red Crucible 1 & 2] no connection

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Dear developers,
for two days in a row, I cant play in the afternoon with my own account. I get no connection. However, I can play as guest (against noobs, which is somehow fun but boring).

Please fix this problem. As far as can tell from the chat on kongregate and the fact the games between guests are appearently frequented by more professional players (scoring 30-2) this problem does not only affect me.

Once again, please fix this problem.

Best wishes,

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Hey Pitz, Its Hetzer from the Raptor.
Few of my friends has been having the same problem in this past several days.
I have no idea why this is happening, but it might be the server`s problem. Its hard for me to log in too when there are more than 7000 players online at the same time.
Wait for couple more days, and if its still not working, try contacting the devs via email, because they rarely check out the kongregate forum.

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Thank you very much, Hetzer! You are really some kind of mentor for me.