[Zombie Pandemic] where i can found best armor and gun

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where i can found best armour and gun

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The Worn Jeans, Worn-out t-shirt and worn out shoes are the best armor in game while the 22. Junior Rifle and the Baseball Bat are the best weapons in game.

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Hello, if you can travel to Prison North side (17,128) and finish the missions, you will get 2 free riot pieces. Riot armor is one of the best free-to-play armor in game. Also, while doing the missions you will have the opportunity to retrieve the Battle Axe from the back of a zombie, its a good weapon.

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buy the m700 or enfield rifle. 2 for pistols deagle 357 or 44magnum revolver has a great chance of a buckshot 3,explosives 4,fb police shotgun

5.a cheap greande launcher

6.an m60