[Jagged Alliance Online] Looking for JAO Buddys

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Maybe I’m just on at the wrong times but I’ve found JAO on Kong to be pretty empty. If anyone wants to add me as a friend then pls do my in game name is:

Falcon Company

Also let me know if you are interested in pvp. I try to pvp with my main when I don’t have enough time to play with my team to make paying their salaries worthwhile.



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I’ve noticed this as well. I’ve never seen more that 49 people on in chat at one time.
(We’re already in-game friends, btw: jOmega)

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If anyone wants to arrange some PVP you can pm me or post in this thread. We can also negotiate handicaps, such as equipment restrictions, if the match up looks unbalanced. Or, if you want to go Rambo, we can try that too :).

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Bump. :)

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Looking to add more ppl to my friends list if anyone is interested.