[Mythic Saga] Copyright much?

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This is for people who played League of Legends before and have at least an assassin character. (have no idea about other classes but I might try to play them all and see how they are)

I’ve played this game, with my assassin class and noticed something interesting about skills IMAGES (not skills in general, but their images).

Lighting Thrust is Katarina’s old Q image but blue-ish.
Cripple is Gangplank’s current passive image, unchanged.
Needle Storm is Mordekaiser’s W image but green.

If there are more then just these, let me know.
If you want to find out for yourself, go here: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Champion
and try to search for Mordekaiser, Gankplank and Katarina. (on Katarina you might have to go to her background page, because her Q image has been changed, but you will still find the old image in her patch notes)

EDIT: This is from the Priest Class, while Thousands Swords has Garen’s W image, it’s Blademastery has Kassadin’s W.

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u are a hardcore LoL player to have noticed that !

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Quite a few games use stolen images with inverted colors..(especially those pay to play mmo’s lately)

Just print screen shot, cut out the image and post it into google search… will often find you same picture in other source.

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Originally posted by Buffdawg:

u are a hardcore LoL player to have noticed that !

Used to be, now I can’t play it :(.

Still, I do find this a bit disturbing.