[Zombie Pandemic] Merchants of Fate (DHARMA) welcomes you!

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Welcome to The Dharma Initiative (Clan: Merchants of Fate, Tag: DHARMA). The Dharma Initiative (Department of Heuristics And Research of Material Applications) will study the strange phenomenon that have swept across Everett and keep the hostiles at bay. The Dharma Initiative will organize survivors and restore balance. The Dharma Initiative will create order from chaos. Namaste….

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  • THE ARROW: Combat Training Facility. Fully upgraded (LEVEL 10) Gym, Weight Room, Boxing Ring, and Shooting Range.
  • THE STAFF: Fully upgraded Medical and Living Quarters
  • THE HYDRA: Fully upgraded Library and Workbench
  • THE ORCHID: All food production and rest facilities fully upgraded

With our developed network of safe houses, you’ll never be far from a safe sanctuary to rest and regenerate, no mater where you are. We always welcome new recruits, and we offer you the keys to survive and prosper in the new world. DHARMA offers you protection. Come join us.


Safehouses that have met the rigorous quality control standards of the DHARMA Initiative will be stamped with the DHARMA Seal of Approval (◊). This mark will be featured next to the names of sanctioned safehouses as they appear on the map, and will let travelers know which safe houses will guarantee optimal resting amenities.

To earn the DHARMA Seal of Approval, a safehouse must meet ALL of the following criteria:

1. Founded no less than 10 blocks from any pre-existing safehouse
2. Level 5 Living Quarters
3. Level 1 Storage or greater
4. Level 1 Armory or greater
5. Level 2 Entrance or greater

Look for the ◊ for the DHARMA guarantee of rest and safety. Only the clan leader is permitted to apply the seal, so if you know of a safehouse that meets these standards, contact me for official inspection.

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ACHIEVEMENT: None Required
UNLOCKED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27J7Y5Z-c3I
DHARMA’s Zombie Research

ACHIEVEMENT: Clan Reaches Rank 3
UNLOCKED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-eHEYswgK8
Origins and Purpose of DHARMA

ACHIEVEMENT: Clan Reaches Rank 2
UNLOCKED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9A0VL3u7CM
Mysteries of the Universe: The DHARMA Initiative, part 1

ACHIEVEMENT: “The Flame” objectives complete
UNLOCKED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4clhcJHu8s
The Hydra: Orientation

ACHIEVEMENT: “The Pearl” objectives complete
UNLOCKED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3ye8e-V32M
The Pearl: Orientation

ACHIEVEMENT: Clan Reaches Rank 1
UNLOCKED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXOxQhJZIzw
DHARMA Recruiting Video

ACHIEVEMENT: “The Looking Glass” objectives complete
UNLOCKED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gERdALb5vQ
The Orchid: Orientation

ACHIEVEMENT: “The Tempest” objectives complete
UNLOCKED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JZItP_xrA8
The Swan: Orientation

ACHIEVEMENT: “Voron’s Nest” objectives complete
UNLOCKED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu8Ou9fGESo
The Arrow: Orientation

ACHIEVEMENT: “The Club House” objectives complete
The Arrow: http://www.yuzsekiz.com/images/dharmasembol/dharma-arrow.gif
The Hydra: http://www.yuzsekiz.com/images/dharmasembol/dharma-hydra.gif
The Orchid: http://katsublog.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/the-orchid.jpg
The Staff: http://www.yuzsekiz.com/images/dharmasembol/dharma-staff.gif
The Swan: http://www.yuzsekiz.com/images/dharmasembol/dharma-swan.gif
The Flame: http://www.yuzsekiz.com/images/dharmasembol/dharma-flame.gif
The Pearl: http://www.yuzsekiz.com/images/dharmasembol/dharma-pearl.gif
The Looking Glass: http://condition1industries.com/images/DharmaLookingGlassOne.jpg
The Tempest: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_YfFGRqeDZfY/R9sIu-jrEUI/AAAAAAAAAJ8/PeMB90smvak/s320/248px-Tempest.png
DHARMA (General Purpose): http://www.yuzsekiz.com/images/dharmasembol/dharma-main.gif

ACHIEVEMENT: 200 Members +
UNLOCKED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEZAkip7yHk
Welcome to DHARMA/Tour of Barracks

ACHIEVEMENT: 400 Members +


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Clan: Here’s an update on the Jak’s HQ construction. 4/3/13

Entrance: Level 2. Needs 8 wood panels for level 3 upgrade.
Generator: Level 5 – Completed!
Construction storage: Completed! 706 construction points available
Living Quarters: Level 3. Needs 3 newspapers for level 4 upgrade.
Sickbay: Cleared. Just needs workers to build!
Kitchen: Cleared. Needs 5 sand to build
Armory: Level 2. Just needs workers for level 3 upgrade!
Storage room: Level 1. Needs 5 sheet metal, 3 chains, 1 arc welder, and 1 mallet to upgrade.
Remember, at least 1 of the following rooms must remain available to access storage: Kitchen, Armory, or Storage. If 2 of those rooms are under construction, do not begin construction on the third room!
Vegetable Garden: Completed!
Water purifier: Just needs workers to build!
Not focusing on gym, weight room, boxing ring, shooting range, lookout post, radio room, workbench, or library though all have been cleared.
Barricade: 225/300

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Ella (and all concerned),

Since The Hydra already has a fully upgraded Library and Workbench, it doesn’t serve any purpose to work on them at Jak’s HQ or elsewhere. Like the combat training facilities at The Arrow, they only need to be used once to raise certain skill caps to 200 (in this case, Smarts and Technical skills). Besides, fully upgrading the workbench requires a medium chainsaw, which costs $4,000, so it’d be a huge waste of money for a redundant facility.

That said, thanks for the update.

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Jak’s HQ:
I have all the wood panels for the entrance and living quarters (LQ), the 2×4s for the entrance and armory, the nails for the LQ and the mallets and pipe for the army

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need a safehouse that i can call free water and food source any suggestions

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There is no safe house at (17, 32) nor should there be as it would be within restricted range of a pre-existing safe house (AND THAT WOULD BE A BIG NO-NO). That, however, is beside the point, as I repeat, there is no safe house at that location.

I suspect that you’re confused and don’t understand what a safe house actually is.

(hint: purple, not green…)

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just read your post no safehouse got it

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We have a number of safehouses that offer free food and/or water, so just get it from one of those. Otherwise, help build those facilities at a safehouse that doesn’t already offer them.

Building a new safehouse wouldn’t mean that any food and water produced there would be your personal property. Rather, it would be available to any clan member who wants them, like at all safehouses.

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anywhere close to the baseball stadium where i can buy choclate

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Indeed. Check here:


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where can i get a LOT of money, PSN costs 16k got 2k

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Actually, this raises a valid question for discussion. If any members (or even non-members, for that matter) have insight on successful money-making in the current ZP economy, you’re welcome to post your tips here. In my experience, what may seem obvious to some may not be obvious to others. So, if something is working for you, then by all means, share your wisdom!

For starters, I’ll offer this…

$ – Indoor areas now tend to offer a greater density of looting options than you’ll find on the street, but the catch is that you’ll have to clear each room of hostiles before you can do any looting. So, once you do, invest a little more SP to board the place up adequately. This will keep hostiles from reclaiming the space, and you’ll be able to come back and loot it again every few days without wasting SP, HP, and ammo (and thus, money) on clearing it again. Do this with a cluster of buildings and you’ve got a loot farm!

$ – While ranged weapons are a necessity, ammo can easily be the biggest drain on your income. So, conserve ammo by making sure you have a good melee weapon for a sidearm as well as the stats to support it. Crafting a Ripper or a Driller could be a good option, and even if you make marksmanship your primary focus, be sure to also invest some points in strength and close combat regularly. If you have more down time and empty ammo casings than money, you may also consider buying some potassium from Autumn Leaves for $160, which can be used in crafting ammo. It can be a cheaper alternative to buying ammo, at least to supplement your munitions stash.

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Just a note to my fellow glorious clan members: Vlad has let himself go… he allowed a mob of puny level 1 zeds beat him down. I know it shocked me too! So in your trips through town today please take a moment to pay your sympathies to him, then to me for the a$$ kicking I’m about to take for posting this 0.0

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Oh, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty…

You really should have just left me there…
But, just to show what a nice guy I am, I’ll return the favor and revive you once I’m done with you.
Now hold still…

(And they weren’t level 1, dang it!!!)

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(Items and quantities needed)



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Originally posted by Vladeus:

(Items and quantities needed)

VEGETABLE GARDEN: Pitchforks (2), Plants (7)
SICKBAY: Blood Packs (3), Medical Aid Kits (7)


The sickbay is now taken care of, so man (or wo man) your pitchforks and plants and get to gardening!

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(Items and quantities needed)


Need help finding an item? Look here:

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could someone post locations of burnt out stores where i could find coal

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If you’re planning on bringing lumber to The Clubhouse (and I REALLY hope you are), please use it one the Armory or Storage first, as building without these facilities on site makes construction a real pain.

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Just a quick note—-I just brought 15 2×4 lumbers to the clubhouse, so we only need a couple more for the time being.

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Way to go, Doc! You’re the man!

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challenge, whoever gets the most severed heads by the 10th wins
got 2 so far

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um hi… my name is animated wolf and i wanted to join but I want to see if my clan works out well if not then I might join you but the only thing im going to regret is that im going to have to leave my house :( so if my clan dose not do good (which it proply do horrible) i will join. ..so yeah :)

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oh btw im lvl 32 in zombie pandemic