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Latest Version: SolaSim 5 Click Here to play

This is a solar system simulator.You can spawn some particles in to the solar system and using the physics formula for force and gravity given to us by Kepler, you can can see your solar system come to life, in real time!
Watch particles merge with other particles to form planets or even being sucked in to the sun or thrown out of the solar system .In the midst of all that chaos, a calm and peaceful solar system will emerge.
What makes it even better is that this application is exquisitely brought to life using Unity3D 4.0, Physx and BrightNewWorlds.

Latest Version: SolaSim 5

Top settings so far belongs to (AGamerGuy829):

Sun Mass-1.974059
Sun Weight-1.347637
Spawn Force
Spawn Mass
Maximum-5 Spawn

Note: for these setting to work, please copy everything.

Post your settings and people can rate your settings here, also any questions you may post here, where either I or someone else will help you out :D

Posting links to picture or videos (of SolaSim) is allowed.