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I’ve played many RPG’s that has dungeons that are fun, and boring in some games, but so far in this games it seems to be missing something in this whole game that we can only get stuff from chest’s… what i was thinking should a mob drop items(like common items, usuage items, power-ups etc..) then getting stuff from chest’s, or how about letting a boss drop a rare weapon too that would be awesome, but if it’s a drop for a certain class that can only use it and one or more other guys that doesn’t have that requirement can’t use but at least they all get the weapon just like chest’s…

so do you think? yes,no, or i don’t know
You still thinking the game is still good or ok with chests?

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I think NO and YES.
NO, because of current way that there are people who can kill most of dungeons’ mobs with 1-hit. And that can (and does) disbalance a game a bit. However, adding lvl-limits to enter certain dungeons can probably balance this and then i’d say YES.
Nevertheless, the hole point of this game is farming, so some people may think otherwise.

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or maybe upgrade our weapons with mods that can be earn in items boxes huh that would be awesome :P

and they should really fix the item boxes: do i had to pay 750 gold for it just open it… should it be for free i don’t get that

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Originally posted by mojares45:
they should really fix the item boxes: do i had to pay 750 gold for it just open it… should it be for free i don’t get that

Agreed. I’ve yet to see anything from an item box that was worth paying to open for. Most of boosters are not as good as free health bombs and we only open the things because of the terribly rare gold and xp boosters that I keep hearing about but have yet to see from an itembox.

I don’t play flash games for slot-machine style game play, and yet that exactly what they are. Put in your money dozens or hundreds of times hoping for a jackpot, and be disappointed time and time again.

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I find it entertaining opening chests again and again. However, i don’t use some items from boxes, except for gold\exp boosters. My guess, some items should work during the entire dungeon, not just merely 30 seconds.

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Most of the boosters should last longer, but not for the entire dungeon.. maybe it should only last for 1 floor

My idea imo

Carrying capacity: 2 Lasts for: 1 floor

- Speed boost
- Attack boost
- Attack speed boost
- Defence boost

Carrying capacity: 9 Lasts for: 30 seconds

- Mushroom/ Fungi boost

Carrying capacity: 9 Last for: 1 time use

- Mana shot
- Hp shot
- Mana potion
- Hp potion
- Buster potion
- Mana keg
- Hp keg
- Buster keg