[Odin Quest] Defeat Lunar Wolf for Awesome Rewards

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Event Duration:
After maintenance – 22:59 Feb 4th, 2013 PST

Event Site:
All Servers

Event Details:
Lurking under the moonlight, the Lunar Wolf keeps its daunting presence on each Fullmoon Night. For the sake of his everlasting presence, he threatens to plunge the world into eternal darkness! Heroes, pick up your weapons and bring light again to this doomed world.

During the event, every 1 hour, Lunar Wolf will appear on line 1 Rolling Plain during 10:00~18:00 every day! Players go there find him and defeat him and will obtain awesome rewards, even Wings Jigsaw and Lv6 Luck Crystal, by chance! Go there to defeat him and stop the rumor now!

The BOSS only appears on Line 1 and stays for 30 minutes.