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does anyone know how the legendary weapons actually work?

i know what they do but for instance midas touch… is there a coin drop ratio that everyone plays from and it gets “tweaked” once someone joins with midas touch meaning every ones drop rate increases or just the user with midas touch… do you also have to kill with that item in order to get the 5% bonus?

what is the predetermined drop rate on any given dungeon? i mean clearly the boss ones have better drop rates judging by the type of coin that is dropped (10 instead of 1 for example)

also with the animal boosters do you have to have the weapon in hand or equipped is good enough.. and do they stack? (my guess is that they stack and having it equipped is good enough, but since i cant view actual stats idk)

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1. midas touch: increase value of gold that owner pick up by 5%. and u don’t have to kill mobs to use it
2. drop rate: dunno
3. animal booster is stacked and ghost samurai clone are counted as pet too

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so its “increase the ‘value of’ gold dropped by 5%”……. so you pick up one coin but its really like you picked up 1.05 coins?

and you have to pick them up your “teammates” cant pick them up for you? and what about the wolf… when it collects does it have midas touch or no just your hero?

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okay i think i get the midas touch one now… cause if you pay close attention…. when you leave a dungeon you have X but once at the “home page” you end up with Y… but X and Y should be equal but Y is slightly higher…

its like the coin multiplier use to be…. there was a separate window at the end that told you how much bonus coin you got… this works the same way, you just dont get a smaller window