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"i don't know how to play games so hold my hand through every single click through the start of the game" type of game. seriously? this is obviously a pay-to-win game where the exp rates are likely so off balance grinding against monsters gives virtually nothing compared to quest payouts. this type of game is so ridiculously common and (pay-to-win is such a utterly retarded idea) idiotic type of game that i could tell right away after making my character what it was going to be like. geez, what is wrong with devs these days? i'm certain a good number of people would probably agreee with me on this. enough with the crappy "pay-to-win" games, its a freaking BAD idea. plus, most of us who play legitimately have to always put up with those who dish out IRL $ having the obvious unfair advantage over us unless we decide to do the same. UGH, even without the whole pay-to-win aspect i'd wager that it'd still be off balance with the grinding vs quest exp issue. Soul of Guardian and i think crystal saga are 2 examples of that flaw. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- feel free to take this as a review for the game which i needed less than 5 minutes of play time to ID as one of the countless others like it if you want. also, no you shall not be getting IRL $ OR my free time dev. that and 0 of 5 rating >.> as if that means anything on kongregate anymore. edit: wow, talk about conflicting formats, i had that split into pieces when typing it yet kong spat out a massive text wall. what the heck?
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lol u dont need a post for this, u play a 5min? XD then u dont know anything

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Are you kiddin’? It’s probably the most easygoing game
I ever played here on Kong.

Compared to the other pay to play games that eventually
force you to spend money. In this game you can get lots
of stuff, level up fast and get by without having to spend
any money.

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Thank you guys, for your opinions about Wings of Destiny.

We will do our best to enhance the game more for all of you to enjoy.
Wings of Destiny has a lot more to offer.