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During the previous week, i found this game, and i thought to myself, huh, i love ja2, and this game seems like a successor. Gfx and gameplay is fine too, for a browser game.

But soon i started to feel like going nowhere. Whereas the gameplay is fun and the gfx pretty to the eye, there is a big number of problems:

1. The greedyness of the devs: Its ok to ask for real money for your work, but in this game, in almost every screen i can see a way to pay gold for something. Most of those things that are gold-only, are not worth it too.
This is damn obtrusive and annoying for any free player.
1b. This way it seems like the devs are trying to milk their playerbase… but this is a new game…. come on… playerbase will never grow with that policy.

2. The grindiness of the missions: After a while, a player has to play the same missions again and again and again to grind enough thingies to grow and proceed… That makes it repetitive…

3. Not all character professions are viable to start with, and whatsmore, asking in 50% of the missions for x headshots means that you HAVE to have a sniper in your squad.. this limits gameplay considerably.

all these these factors increase my frustration of the game so much that i decided not to play again. i can always go back to JA2 – v1.13 mod, that’s very superior if i want that (http://www.ja-galaxy-forum.com/board/ubbthreads.php/category/11/v1_13_HQ.html).

Finally, if the devs read this, you should understand that my opinion of you is that you are good coders, but bad businessmen. Your ways of promoting the game and making money are not helping to keep and expand on your playerbase (imo).
And since players=money… you could do better if you made the game thus, that more free-players will want to play. Assuming no free-players = low activity= paying players will get bored = game dies…

that is all… hope you won’t take it amiss

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1. You really need gold only for 4th or 5th merc slot (ingame gold gain is enaugh for 4th). Everything else is just addition to make it easier for rich ppl, you can really be in mid-top players just by skill and time, no money reaquired. Ofc to be on top you need gold, as in every mmo game.

2. Every MMO requires grinding, what is generally borring.

3. Collecting headshots with sniper is bad idea. Use SMG with high accuracy gain. The point in it is not to kill enemy with 2 headshots like sniper do, but to land 10 low dmg headshots to one opponent with smg and then finish mission with normal playing.

Game has it’s disadvantages, but imo it’s not what you wrote.

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I agree with Vautrin. You sound little upset about something,like cannot handle the in-game economy (costs bigger than rewards you got) and progress. The game is made that you can finish it without spending any gold,and without much trouble.As Vautrin said, none of your points is in fact disadvantage of the game, you seem to misunderstood it.

And almost every MMO game nowadays shows “easier” way that includes paying on every screen,but it is not a must for the players to use it.

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i just spoke about what turned me off.
its possible that i misunderstood the game, but hey, its my personal opinion.

so.. well, good luck to the game… JA is one of the games i love. Its clones ’d better be good ;)