[Iron Grip: Marauders] Barons of Kathos: Gaspard de Reis

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There are rumors that the bloody battle between the Marauders in Anchorpoint was not an accident. That it was an orchestrated conflict aimed at thinning out the ranks of pirates and thugs. One name is spoken in hushed voices – Charles Gaspard de Rais, Baron de Kathos. But who is this man and what is his involvement?

Born into the House of de Rais, Gaspard’s life and view on the world was shaped by intrigue, deception and betrayal, for such is the way in which the barons of Kathos deal with one another. Only the strongest and the most devious survive this game of chess, and Gaspard has proven time and again that he is one of the most devious barons to step onto the field.

The other barons are thugs and cowards. They gather armies, they fight battles and they proclaim their intentions in the open. Baron de Rais believes this to be foolish and, frankly, inelegant. He believes that one dagger can easily achieve what a thousand rifles cannot. His weapon is information and information whispered in the right ear could decide the fate of armies. Perhaps the recent incident in Anchorpoint just proves the point, if the rumors are to be trusted.

Through cunning, deception and assassination, Gaspard and the House of de Rais have been elevated to power and riches. They say that the devil’s greatest trick is making people believe he doesn’t exist and Gaspard has made sure he is never in the focus of events. Rumors suggest that his influence extends to seemingly random Marauder raids and, of course, the follow up punitive expeditions taken up by the KTA. No loose ends. As with the Anchorpoint incident, only whispers speak of the baron’s hidden hand.

It is not by chance that Marauders raid the territories of his political enemies. It is also not by chance that KTA punitive expeditions remove troublesome marauders. All of this is happening right under the nose of the Duke of Torun. All these events seem an ordinary part of life in Kathos, but also, all of these apparently unrelated happenings seem to benefit the House of de Rais in one way or another. Whatever the truth might be, what is certain is that the Baron de Rais is a hidden force to be reckoned with. Some of the barons of Kathos barter for the services of marauders. Gaspard, however, barters for the services of both sides of the law, without them ever suspecting it.

“Every sword can be turned aside with a gold coin”
- Charles Gaspard de Reis