[Esgrima 2] Lost resources, money and will.

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Hello everybody.

Since I seem to be muted from the developer’s profile page (don’t ask me why) I’m taking this to the forums.

I’d like to begin with saying that this game has all the potential in the world and I would verily like to see it succeed. Because this is just what the world needs, classic turn-based RPG gone MMO.

Now, because I like the game so much – as well as the much rougher Esgrima 1 – I’ve been willing to let all the massive amounts of bugs piling up pass, knowing that it is indeed a very young game and that it’s being worked on.
But after today I felt a need to voice my disapproval.

We’ve recently started up a fresh new end game-specific guild, chipped in with resources and tons of gold to get us up and running for War Factory, particularly our guild leader BLAAAZE who personally put atleast 150g gold (the pay-for-actual-money currency of E2) into this endeavor. 5 out of 5 runs in War Factory – in a row – we’ve been screwed over by the overly bugged up client that wipes us all out of the game session even as early as 3 levels into the runs, prematurely.

Considering the amount of real money involved, and the amount of the game’s most priced material – wind stones – that we time upon time just keep stepping up to the plate to lose again, I feel something needs to be done here. The matter looked in to, reimbursement.

You have a fantastic product apart from these issues, and a cool player base, don’t make them turn against you.

My two cents,

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Ok i,ll add my piece to this.

I,ll start by saying great game, love it, very addictive i think what youve got here has great potential down to every detail i especially like the fact that you have to use weapons from the previous level to craft the next this stops people from instantly joining and getting the best gear unless they are fortunate enough to find a seller.

Now to the complaints as afflicted as stated the game lacked many good guilds i played for a while and i noticed templars as the only competative guild around so i thought i would create the Grimreapers guild a group of players who want to farm end game content and new dungeons/raids when they are released but at this moment we are left with war factory so now onto my complaint about warfactory.

To actually get the mats to make the warfactory key especially windstones at this minute can be quite tricky or expensive and in my opinion i think obtaining end game keys should remain difficult to get we dont want everyone accessing this very easily but that is not the complaint here and one of my requirements is for everyone to chip in and help craft these keys so we can all progress as a guild….now today we have run warfactory at least 5times and every single time we lose players during the run they freeze,disappear or the whole team just freezes and we have to refresh and its game over, time and effort as a whole to craft the keys for us to be kicked out really is like being kicked in the bollox and very discouraging anyone who runs warfactory regularly will also tell you that this places is full of glitches everry single time its not just our guild but all im saying is today 5 runs…5 freezes…loss of mats really does make you not want to try, like afflicted stated i have put gold, real money, time and effort into this i wish it was as little as 150gold and im sure others have put the same effort in aswell all i can say is im hoping the devs especially diploms1 read this and give us something positive for our time lost as i know he has fixed problems for me in the past here.


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Some rumors have been told that Warfactory will be fixed on the next patch (new patch coming today i think). So i wouldn’t recommend you use any the keys right now. Really sorry to hear that guys lost so many keys. :(