[Esgrima 2] NubGuild

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level 50 and under! for now…till I edit it….post here for invite


NEED at LEAST 1k reputation(in-game) for promote to member****(may change)

Ill kick any1 that’s not a member if their not active enough, and ill kick members to if people wants to join but they’ll get 5 days warning if I can somehow post it somewhere but that’s not b4 I kick the ones that aren’t members

post here for any problems

have fun ^.^☺☻♥♣○◘☻↓§↨↔☼

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1k what for promotion?

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Ign Teddilicious
Rep 1025

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message me on kong when im on

pvp info; when at war the higher lvl character you beat the more xp we get; we only get xp for fighting and beating enemy guilds we at war against

if someone wants to do wf runs tell me

theres a guild chat.. so use it if your online..

Lets try getting lvl 8 ^^ ♠.♠

(\_ /)
(_)( _)

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Good luck getting lvl 8. You need only about 20k-25k more exp. :)