[WarFlow] Version 4.1--Fylgja Glyph System

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1. NEW Maps
Two new war maps are available, which are Ujimqi in Yue and Taipin in Syanbi.

Unlock Requirement
New PR Ujimqi will be unlocked once Draenam in Yue is conquered.
New PR Taipin will be unlocked once Donfitgus in Syanbi is conquered.

NPC Drops
All the NPCs in the new maps are elite forces. Here are the drop lists:

2. Fylgja Glyph System

2.1 Fylgja Glyph System Introduction:
Fylgja Glyph System is introduced. Players can acquire glyphs to improve the whole troop’s strength. There are a total of 10 kinds of glyphs and 4 levels for each glyph. Currently only 10 glyphs can be acquired and the higher level of your Fylgja the more glyphs slots will be unlocked.

2.2 Fylgja Glyph System Unlocked Requirement:
Town Center Level>=100
Check Fylgja Pavilion, “Glyph” tab is next to Fylgja.

2.3 How to Play Fylgja Glyph System
STEP 1: Refresh
STEP 2: Load glyph
STEP 3: Acquire glyph
STEP 4: Abandon glyph and acquire new glyph

Refresh Mode: Silver Refresh and Gold Refresh

A. Silver Refresh:
One single refresh costs 100,000 silver and gives only 1 glyph;
Refresh in batches costs 1100,000 silver and gives 12 glyphs in one time.

B. Gold Refresh:
Gold refresh gives better glyphs. One single refresh costs 10 gold and gives only
1 glyph; Refresh in batches costs 110 gold and give 12 glyphs in one time.

C. Refresh in batches:
When you use refresh in batches, you will get 12 glyphs in one time, but only one glyph can be loaded.

D. Lucky Rate: Silver Rate and Gold Rate
The higher lucky rate, the better quality of glyphs can be obtained. When you keep refreshing and not load the glyph, the lucky rate will increase. Lucky rate will be reset when you load a glyph.

Silver lucky rate and gold lucky rate are separated. Silver lucky rate relates to silver refresh mode while gold lucky rate relates to gold refresh mode.

STEP 2 Load Fylgja Glyph
A. Load Glyph
It costs silver to load glyph and only one glyph can be loaded each time. If you obtain 12 glyphs via batches refresh, you can choose only one glyph.

B. Current Glyph
Players can first load glyphs to the current glyph inventory before he decides which glyph he acquires. When you load a glyph, its image in the current glyph list will be lightened.

STEP 3 Acquire Fylgja Glyph
A. Acquire Glyph
Player can acquire the glyphs they load and the acquired glyphs will show in the Fylgja Acquired Glyphs list. Glyphs can be acquired only from primary level to ultimate level.

B. Skip
Player can use gold to skip a lower level glyph and directly acquire a higher level glyph.

The “Skip” button will be lightened when you’ve loaded a higher level glyph and have enough gold to skip.

STEP 4 Abandon Acquired Fylgja Glyph
You can abandon the glyphs you’ve acquired and make rooms for new glyphs. But please remember that once you abandon a glyph, it will disappear from the Acquired Fylgja glyphs list.

2.4 Fylgja Glyph Requirements
The maximum of acquirable glyphs is 10. The higher Fylgja level the more glyphs you can acquire.

2.5 Fylgja Glyphs

Fylgja Glyphs Level:
Primary Level (showing P in the image)
Medium Level (showing M in the image)
Advanced Level (showing A in the image)
Ultimate Level (showing U in the image)
Note: You can move your curse to buttons in Fylgja Page to view full information.

The Fylgja glyphs effect reflects in the battle field. For example, Skill ATK Glyph Primary will increase 5% skill attack in the whole troops in battle field.

3.Therion War Optimization
Increase difficulty of White Tiger, Saint Tortoise, Saint Rosefinch, Azure Dragon
Add Medals in the Top 10 Killer rewards

4.Treasury cap increases 130%

Enjoy the new functions and thanks for your support!

WarFlow Team