[Galaxy Life] Galaxy Life version 0.73.8 Release Notes

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  • Maximum daily amount of online shield increased from 6 hours to 8 hours.
  • New HUD notification for when you’re running out of daily online shield.
  • If play during the rest of the day once your online shield is over you can be attacked, and once this happen the popup shown asking you to restart the game has been customized to explain it better. In the previous version it was a standard error popup.
  • Internal antireloader / antirefresher old protection system removed, now you can reload frequently a lot of times without being detected as antireloader / antirefresher.
  • Added loot information in the Target Spotter’s quick attack.
  • Added tooltips in the upgrade popups to show more information in the first screen.
  • Added a mini game in the loading screen that appears when you can’t play the game (because we’re uploading a new game update, etc). You’ll love it
  • Other internal and minor improvements and tweaks.


  • Security improvements to patch and detect additional cheats.
  • Other internal and minor fixes.
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Is there anywhere we can play the mini-game without the game being down?

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I have played the mini game I think there should be a few mini games

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If possible, in the future could you let players know when an update is going to occur (maybe 24 hours in advance when practical) and an estimate on how long it will take for the game to be back up?

Thanks and keep up the good work, you’ve made a very good game IMO.