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Season 2..
BRUTAL was created by me (SusuReedJango) and kinda sucked. Bad. :l
At the end of Season 2 we got Kystrider and could finally stay on the map.. Woo! xD

S2-S3 Conquest Intermission..
Got a couple decent players at the time, one being SKylian, this got my hopes up for S3, I thought we may actually get somewhere the next season..xD

Season 3 begins..
BRUTAL claims the first tile (I felt accomplished) but was quickly beaten off by xXHero RiseXx. :c

A Couple Weeks in..
Deno, ZanDatsu, and Mitrious joins.
This was the first step to a little tiny bit of hope.

Shortly after that, we held about 30-50 tiles, and fought off Bothy for quite some time.. :l Around that time we must have gained more members, because we managed to steal our first fort from Agency. :DD

After a few weeks of casual fight for the fort and our land, we got into a fight with USSR…. About a week later they were removed from the map and haven’t been on the map for even 6 hours since.

While sitting on USSR’s old ground we slowly gained members to expand slowly.. Very, very slowly..

Somewhere between then and now we got some amazing members, wiped Forgoten Souls, Bialo, probably a bunch of other little 1 person guilds, and TRIAD.. and lastly, Sing a Song.

Took Bastion. We feel accomplished.xD

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so this proves ur guild is capable of capturing 3 lvl 10 tiles? lol cuz this isnt the first pic on the forum
wasnt there so dont know the amount of atks or if anyone defended
bastion just as any other same old lvl 10 tile :P if u made pic of lvl 10 forts u captured then u had 4! lvl 10 tiles under ur control !

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They defended heavily, and all the tiles around the bastion I assume have IV Buff from hero, it wasn’t easy.. But the point was more that we went from not being able to stay on the map to Rank #5 in 1 season.

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Good job!

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Yeah, at this point everyone should have L8 heroes or better. Each day that passes by is a day you get stronger while the endgame players stay stagnant with no improvement.

I highly doubt any guild will be able to maintain a foothold long during season 4.

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Close to half of our members should have maxed heroes by S4, all should by the end. But I really see a cit9 coming very soon..

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Susu you forgot to add me :(
I was in for like a week and helped you against xXHero RiseXx and I was your first decent member on FrankFlasho

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All Hail BRUTAL!
the meanest bunch of swaggering killerz in Shards- my friends and mates!!!

We are gonna hurt some folks feelings in S4! :)
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I still owe BRUTAL 25 attacks. Too bad susu didn’t get back to me on that hehe. Oh well, quit the game anyways, last log in was 7d ago, and then a few days interval for each log in. I left the flood and joined sas for the lolz because BRUTAL wasn’t recruiting. Oh well. sas did a good job keeping out of the clear because i put 5 or 6 of my heroes on tiles, leave for a few days, come back and they were STILL there haha.

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hehe :)