[Red Crucible 1 & 2] Anti Aircraft long distance shooting hack/glitch?

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Following up on previous poster Lump I must say he is completely right in regards to some people having found a way such as “aimbot” to shoot long distances over entire maps without actually seeing the vehicle or helicopter in question.

For some unknown reason my replies with this so called “proof” suddenly vanished saying “This post has been removed by an administrator/moderator”

I am most certain this is due to excessive flagging by those people not wanting it to be published.

Following people have been found using it against myself in countless ocassions.

J M Facundo
John Burkett

See below for a screenshot taken after having been shot down by castle AA guns when I was behind red spawn point on the map Sandstorm.
(The screenshot shows Drownedcarcass shooting on the second helicopter)


I hope this post will remain intact so people actually can discuss this issue or even better resolve it.

Henrik, player of Typher