[Wasteland Empires] Challenge: Design an Enemy!

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We already have Mutants, Robots and a few other nasties roaming the Wasteland… but what other creatures could be out there?

We want YOUR ideas for some new Wasteland enemies – the more disgusting and evil, the better! You can either describe them here, or else the artistically talented of you can draw up a sketch or drawing and show us.

1st Place – 350 Gold
2nd Place – 250 Gold
3rd Place – 200 Gold

This Challenge will run until February 21st.

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1. Lizards.

After the great catalysm, the radiation fallout made the world a hard place to live in, at least for most living. Those who didn’t die, were either mutated or forced underground to seek shelter from the fallout. Most of the animals of the world were extinct, but where the most died, some grew and triumphed: Lizards. Being extremely adaptive the lizards grew and evolved to a new, larger and smarter spieces after the apocalypse. Though their intelligence is still far below that of men, their strength, agility and hard scaled skin makes them a formidable foe. They are also capable of learning how to use the weapons they salvage even if they don’t know how to re-produce them or their ammo. Though they are technologially un-advanced, their number and ability to breed fast narrows the cap between them and humans with guns. For each lizard slain, two more are born. They live in nests numbering from tens to thousands and can adapt to almost any kind of environment. They are lead by their instincts of community and the good of the nest always overcomes the good of the individual and as such they feel no fear and die protecting their home. One of their great advantages is also the fact that the Omega Robots see them as animals and thus not a threat.

- The Lizard’s are commonly quite peaceful and only attack humans if threatened or hungry.
- They are low level and “easy”, although at later levels they evolve further and learn to use the weaponry they salvage from those foolish enough to attack them.

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2. Omega Descendants – The Chosen Ones

Where most of the rich and wealthy escaped the apocalypse through spacecrafts to another planet, some, even in Omega, weren’t that lucky. Some missed their flight, others chose to stay behind. What ever the case, those who didn’t leave made sure they’d have all they needed in the soon-dead-Earth. Deep underground, the great Omega fortress’ inhabit thousands of important old-world citizens and their descendants, all born with the “perfect genes”. These “Chosen” are fanatic people who are taught since birth that their destiny is to one day re-populate the whole world with their perfect children. Now that the nuclear fallout is over, the doors to these secret citadels are opening and well trained and armed soldiers are seen to scout the surface of Earth. Their task is simple: Locate and purify the world of any human and mutant leaving room for the Chosen Ones.

- Omega Descendants are extremely advanced. They are armed from toes to teeth with Old-World Omega weaponry.
- They are fanatics and religious and reasoning with them is useless. The only negotiation you can have with them is through guns.
- They fight against all, but the Omega Robots who are tasked to aid them.

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3. Aliens – Yes, you heard right!

There had never been any proof about the existance of Extra Terrestial life until they were found in the very wastelands of the old Earth. An alien mothership has crashed to earth. Extremely advanced and smart, their weaponry are some of the strongest of whole wasteland. However, due to being so few, their weakness is in their numbers. Because of low numbers and unknown enviroment, they are trying to remain to themselves, salvaging and repairing the mothership in hope to escape this dreaded world. Though they are only a few, they are able to use mind control to take over the more primitive minds. Sadly, it appears we humans also have primitive minds.

- Appear peaceful. All they want is to leave this world.
- Has some very nice tech that is surely worth fighting for.
- Can have both humans and mutants under their control, which, if armed by the aliens, are extremely deadly.

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Like Ants or termites, eating up not only wood but iron and steel and even plastik. Are very hard to kill with bullets only, fire and ice do the trick, while there capable of spitting acid long distances. The live in huge Hives build in old Tech.Buildings, couse theres much steel and stuff. Or Like Wandering Ants, big swarms wander the wastelands and eat evreything up in their way.

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4. The Romans – Or Cyborgs for common folk

Not all robots are Omega made. When the nuclear holocaust hit us, some people saw a way to survive by modifying and enchancing their own bodies to resist the radiation and thus survive in the harsh enviroment of the years to come. These are the Romans. Part Robot, part Man, they call themselves the Romans named after the great and ancient Roman Empire. Though no one else tend to call them with such name. Within common folk they are known as the cyborgs. With most of the vital organs re-placed with mechanic ones, they last for almost indefinitely. Once men, they are now something more, they are survivors who lived through the apocalypse. Twice the strength, twice the knowledge and twice the hate, they remember the past and they know Omega is behind it all. The hate toward Omega thrives them forward. Although they are unable to breed and get children in the normal way, they can always add more cyborgs to their rank from the lonely men and women lost in the endless wastelands with no other choise but to join them. Their goal and agenda is to build an armada of spaceships able to take the apocalypse on to the Omega’s new home planet. They want revenge. They have the know-how and now they are salvaging through the old-world in order to find the necessary tools to do-so.

- They normally ignore peaceful and un-advanced human camps.
- They are ruthless and with their feelings consumed by time – all but hate at least -, they take what they want by force.
- Hates Omega
- Knows everything there is to know about the old world and the war. They have lived past the apocalypse. They are our living ancestors.

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Nice ideas Aleister! I like all of ’m ;) My main idea was that from Lord-Steam → Insects! Those bugs and especially cockroaches survive everything whatever the humans do so why not a nuclear attack? You can add some flying ones aswell as our colony will be attacked by a plague some day. (we got fresh farms, bugs like fresh food). Ants and termintes are nice aswell :)

Other ideas;

- Dinosaurs!
They have lived for millions of years, they didn’t extinct but they ended up in deep underground caves (maybe through a meteorite crashing the earth millions of years ago) and now with whole the earth bombed a crack opened the cave and they slowly made it to the surface. And they sure haven’t had a nice piece of meat for a while…

- Water creatures
Evolved into able to live on land since the water got polluted. They are angry about their water being polluted and want revenge!! They still have to grow in water since evolution doesn’t go so fast (although it’s enhanced due to radiation) and therefor their homes would be full of buildings in/with water. Sharks are scary, but hell who knows Atlantis did exist and those ‘water-people’ came back to land! They could even ride on giant Tortoises!

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5. The Church of Enlightement

Who their god is, know one knows, but they are extremely fanatic and religious. The followers of the Church preach against all technology. As technology was the end of the world, they see it as the devil itself. Although they preach against it, they use advanced weaponry and technology themselves to enslave the human race into one faith. “Fight fire with fire” or “Means to an end”, you pick the excuse. They claim it as an excuse to use such weapons swearing that in the end, once their crusade against evil is over, they will destroy all their weapons as well. They see Omega as the greatest evil, but any group or camp using any advanced technology must be purified. A lot of people have fell under their influence in hope for better tomorrow, some for free will, but most have been enslaved and forced and then brainwashed. They want to unite all people under their faith and all who refuse are seen as heretics and pagans and as such are dealt with violence.

- Fights against all technology
- Fanatic and religious
- Forces people to join them by enslaving them under their iron fist. It’s either join or die.

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Ok; I have to mention them; Zombies (or Night walkers)! Humans adapted and mutated differently than the mutants did. Al tough they are not smart, they can use a weapon and are very tough (has a lot of health).

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So the earth was bombed completely? Well these Ents (walking/speaking trees) had their roots way deep under the ground which survived and these roots grew towards the resurrected sun making them able to grow and move once more. They plant their roots everywhere but hate those metal users for not letting them able to grow trough them!

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Radiation and Pollution killed almost everything, disolves Bodys, but theri Souls….?
There a Tles of wandering things ithaut a body, maybe just an acid cloud, oder Plasma…..or radiation in a storm.
But some of thos Anomalies seem to follow people, “consump” them.
Its said they walk stroight throug walls and Rocks, without an (yet) known target.

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6. The Silent Ones

With their tongues removed, they’ve lost their ability to speak. Not that it matters, because they suffer of a bad state of lobotomize rendering their brain-activity to very simple at best. They never question their masters when they march from one mission to another. Although, due to lack of brain-activity they are slow and easy targets and, though a good tactician can take many of them out without any casulties, they are also fearless and will continue to fight as long as they draw breath. Who their masters are, no one knows for sure, but the rumor is they are Omega captives weaponized by the robots. They are scattered all around the graveyard that is the wastelands. They never build their own camps, but they are usually found in the camps they’ve cleared of life for few days. After a few days to a week, they abandon the camp, burn it down to ground and move on to the next camp. Whoever survives their attack are soon found serving in their ranks as another brainless zombie. They are the Silent Ones.

- Fights against humans, raiders and mutants. Any survival is turned to one of them.
- No one knows who is commanding them
- Uses whatever technology they salvage from the camps they destroy.
- Their hordes number from hundreds to thousands

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Riders of Death,

A group of pseudo scientists who tried to prolong their lives with usage of parts of living and death. Due to their condition must they hunt for slaves who they use as parts or laboratory rats for further genetic experiments.
They are against every human and mutant tribe, but trying to used the robots to their advance.
Their technology is mixture of laboratory buildings, sleeping gas and net towers, bioengineering barracks.
Visual: mixture of mutant-human with rotting (death parts).
Attack army: Bikes and net throwers.

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I kind of have to go, but right now I have to post my idea so it doesn’t get stolen. I will come back with all the details.
My idea is: THE UNDEAD! Dibs!

The Undead have no allies. They are the most aggressive race, they spread quickly and they see every other race as a potential threat. Nobody knows what caused their sudden appearance, even though the Tribals do have ancient prophecies about the non-living. Perhaps the Tribals are the key to eliminating this new threat and revealing what caused the scorched Earth to animate everything beneath the ground. Since the Undead have no active body functions they can easily wear-out any robot in fights. Moreover, their ateliers are the most efficient and they do not rely on farms in order to increase their ranks. Instead, they have soul harvesters, which will transform any attacking dead unit, or unit they slay during their attacks into one of their own. This is also why their colonists look like ghosts. Their fighting units include various types of skeletons (gun wielding, archers, shielded, hammer wielding), zombies (massive hp) and can manipulate any type of vehicle constructed by others, with the posibility to create their own death-like war-machines. Since you cannot plague, or poison what’s already dead, the Undead are highly resistant to acid and special mutant towers. All other in game races have noticed so far, that the most efficient way to fight them is with fire. Color scheme can be dark purple-red.

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The evil Gnomes rise from under their earth-covering fungus. Since this fungus don’t need sunlight, the ancient fungus grew and fed itself with the rubbish of the wastelands on the surface of the earth, finding lots to grow on. With them they took their gnomes as symbioses with them. Gnomes will destroy the rubble in smaller parts while the fungus digests it and provide shelter and food for the gnomes. For the ever lasting lust for more rubble, and simply because they ‘like’ to break things with their mighty hammers, they destroy all the rubble they can find.

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7. Leviathans

Many crazy travellers have claimed to have witnessed huge worm-like creatures moving deep underground, only appearing to feed. If the legend it true, these creatures with thick skin are a deadly sight to any to witness one. With their wide mouths and razor sharp teeth they are able to chew and swallow tanks and buildings alike. Given birth by the dense radiation, these creatures began to appear after the nuclear apocalypse. It seems like movement and noise attracts them which might explain why many towns and armies alike have disappeared to nothing, as if swallowed by the earth itself. It is hard to tell where they evolved or mutated from, but one thing is certain, if you see one, stay extremely still or hope for a big gun. These creatures are often thought as a myth, maybe because those unlucky enough to see one are often digested by it.

- Appears randomly with extremely bad luck
- Extremely tough and deadly
- (You can buy these bones from the Store’s “Decoration” tab)

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8. Guardianes de la paz

Son maquinas creadas por la corporación Omega para erradicar a los mutantes robots rebeldes y cualquiera raza que sea hostil, se especializan en el uso de armamento avanzado y también pueden fabricar partes de su cuerpo dañado, mejoras o municiones y también base móviles, son inmunes al pulso electromagnético pueden crear su propia energía. Son casi indestructibles, un dato mas sus creadores nunca sobrevivieron fueron erradicados por sus propias creaciones antes del ataque se dieron cuenta de que los humanos eran la razón de todo.

Sus creadores no se lo esperaron fueron eliminados solo un científico sobrevivió, nadie sabe su nombre pero tiene la clave para defenderse de Los guardianes de la paz.
Buena suerte la necesitaran.
-Son altamente eficientes a la hora de asediar una base.
-Su tecnología es la más avanzada en toda la tierra.
-Y pueden rastrear las señales de vida o energía provenientes de otra maquina.

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You could have just said The Latinos, jjur… :P ))))))))

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8. The Evolved

A group of Homo Novus has been spotted in the wastes. They are the next evolutionary step in this post apocalyptic world. They can use psychic attacks possibly? Its your mission to eradicate them for they are threat to mankind because they thrive in the wastes. (I don’t know, I just like the idea of fighting for my species survival against a possibly superior race.)

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Tire of being treated by the men, this group of women, endowed with a warlike sense and with a survival taken to the extreme, decided to take back in hand its own fate.

Station to the men who would fall between their hands, the slavery will become then their unique lifestyle until they aren’t any more recognized as being still capable of being of good breeders.

For the story = > could be allies momentary of the hero (see even with an attempt or two to get back some women of the base) to fight a new threat or a bigger base of mutant / robot.

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The Aerians

It is only on rare occasions that these superior beings come to visit our planet, but ancient artifacts from the old Earth show that they have been around for billions and billions of years, watching over this pale blue dot we call Earth from their own far, far-away galaxy. The Aerians notice that once every couple of Aeons this planet destroys itself, each time in a different way, only to flourish to life once again. It is also possible that the Aerians’ fascination with our planet lays in its gravitational field, so unique amongst those of other planets that it does not allow their weird bodies to actually touch the ground. This is why they use their advanced alien technology to float, while visiting Earth. Floating towns, floating units, fortunately the Aerians can warp everything from their home galaxy to ours, in a matter of seconds. It is possible that they will interfere in Earth’s fate this time, but no one can know who they will aid. Maybe they consider the mutants as the best species to populate the Earth for the next Aeon, or the soulless Robots. Has humanity lost its chance at living on Earth? Have we fucked up so bad this time? Color scheme – your choice.

Endless possibilities for new technologies the Aerians use…

So, when can we have floating enemies? :))

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These are… fantastic.

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8. The Slavers

A group of ruthless men who trade on human lives. They scavenge small towns and tribes for survivors. These “lucky” ones are then enslaved and sold forward to the highest bidder. Some are sold to raiders, some to mutants and the rumors are even the Omega robots have had their share of slaves – to which purpose remains unknown. Most of the time they find enough slaves from wandering survivors and small establishments, but every now and then they are seen to plan attacks against biggest towns. Although the Slavers often avoid direct fights, especially against anyone backing any muscle, it’s not unheard of seeing even an medium town ransacked by them. Although slavers are often thought as the lowest of scum, they still serve a purpose and it seems no one has raised to put an end to it… yet.

- Trades in slaves. As traders they try to have good relationships with anyone stronger than they.
- “Peaceful” to everyone except small establisments which they raid for merchandise
- Uses all kind of tech. Most of their teach aresalvaged old-world tech, but they are also backing a lot of high-tier robotic weaponry due to succesful trading.

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9. Evolved insects (Yes, I know this was suggested already, but here’s my vision)

The radiation affected us all differently. Where most of all animal-base died, some grew and evolved to something greater. One of the winners were the insects. Cockroaches, scorpions, ants and tabanids all mutated and grew bigger and stronger. Where these insects were never working together before, it seems they’ve now reached an understanding and common language all living together in huge nests. How they communicate is a bit uncertain, some believe it’s through psychic powers, some believe they have their own language. Whatever the case, they seem to be very organized.

Where cockroaches had survived for millions of years only now have they grown to their true potential. The biggest of them are seen to grow to the size of a horse able to chew through wood, plastic and iron alike. The thick armored skin as strong as the strongest Omega armor renders all fire arms close to useless against them.

Scorpions also mutated and changed. Although their skin is hardened, it is nowhere close to as strong as the almost unpenetrable shell of the cockroaches. Size of a dog these scorpions are fast and agile and able to camouflage to almost any kind of terrain making them very hard to see before its too late. Their tail filled with corrosive venom they are able to shoot it 10 meters a far. Their speed, camouflage and ability to shoot their venom make them a very deadly encounter.

The ants size of a dog are the insect’s worker and labour power. Very fast and strong, they are able to build and take care of all their nests and it’s needs. Being it building, looking for food or repairing the ants are always prepared for work. Although the ants are normally peaceful, should their nest be threathened, one can find himself outnumbered by thousands of angry ants. What the ants lack in armor, they compensate in strength and numbers.

Tabanids. The tabanids are the insect’s air force. Size of a small horse, they’ve really grown to be a terrifying sight. Their razor sharp and strong jaws are able to cut through even the strongest armor sucking the life out of all their victims. Although deadly, the tabanids are luckily a rare sight in the nests.

- Insects are normally “peaceful”, but should you establish your camp too close to their territory or otherwise threaten them, they can act very hostile and you might find yourself as their food.
- Some tribals have been heard to tame these insects.
- The Omega Robots have been ignoring the insects and doesn’t see them as a threat.

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Finished :D will be selecting winners soon!