[Iron Grip: Marauders] Touchdown! American football - marauders style

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Marauders of Kathos have one favorite past time: Kathonian Football. The game is very similar to American Football, except that it is very bloody and totally insane. Like normal football, the team scoring the most touchdowns wins the game. However, team captains send their full armies to the playing field, making the game a bloody ordeal indeed. Often whole teams end up in the sick bay after the match. The game is also utterly deranged. Instead of a normal ball, the marauders use their enemies’ skulls. Needless to say, one match burns through quite a lot of skulls. Fortunately marauders have a lot of enemies!

The Touchdown Tournament starts on February 3 and will last for five rounds. Each participant will get a fixed pool of units that can be used during the tournament.

The rules
Players from level 6 and up can enter;
Entrance fee is 5 gems;
The tournament starts on February 3

1st Touchdown Box – with licenced units and if you’re lucky Atelian units
2nd Tournament Triplex
3rd 2x Tournament Crate
4th 100.000 iron
5th 100.000 gold