[WarFlow] Arena Winning Streak Bug Compensation Solution

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Dear players,

Some Arena bugs occurred after maintenance at 23:00, Jan 29th. Winning streak kept going back to 0 every couple strikes, and then give back 5 challenge chances. We realize this was an annoying bug and here we offer the compensation solution:

1. Arena Winning Streak bug was fixed at 22:00-23:00, Jan 30 maintenance. The whole Arena was reset again in all servers, so all the players start winning streak again which is fair to all.

2. Extends the Winning Streak Rewards reset circle. In the Jan 30 Improvements, the winning streak circle we set was every 2 months (8 weeks), now the circle is changed to 10 weeks. So all the players will have 10 weeks to go for 1000 winning streak rewards.

3. Forum event relevant to Arena strikes with wonderful rewards will be given soon. Please pay attention to the latest forum post and participate in the forum event.

4. Players who used gold to purchase arena challenge chances in duration 03:00 to 22:00 at Jan 30 will get back the same amount of gold within 2 days.

5. Compensation code to players for all the inconvenience:
Code 1: kl0r, 10 arena challenge chances, expiration Feb 3, 12:00 server time (PST).
Code 2: aqhd, 500,000 silver, expiration Feb 3, 12:00 server time (PST).
If any player fails to use the codes, please contact CS for help.

6. Last but not least, I would like to give an explanation of what it means when we mention Arena Reset. Arena Reset means we make everything in the Arena start all over again. After we reset Arena, Winning streak record becomes 0, winning streak rewards start a new round, Arena rank empty, and challenge chances becomes 5 no matter how many chances you had before the reset. I hope everyone can keep this mind and would be well-prepared when we announce ARENA RESET next time.

We apologize for all the inconvenience again and thanks for your support!

WarFlow Team