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This topic contains list of all rare items with the NPCs which drop them in “Spin”

Here’s the list of all NPC with their rare drops:

Bandit Minion 1lv – Genjutsu Armor (ninja)
Bandit Enforcer 2lv – Genjutsu Leggins (ninja)
Bandit Liutenant 4lv – Bone Shell Armor (rogue)
Fendrel 6lv – Bone Shell Leggings (rogue)
Undead Soul 6lv – Gryphon Claw Leggins (knight)
Undead Scourge 8lv – Gryph Claw Arm (knight)
Undead Wraith 10lv – Majin Legs (samurai)
Coopa 13lv – Majin Armor (samurai)
Imperial Scout 14lv – Nightingale Arm (knight) + Demon Blade (ninja)
Imperial Solider 17lv – Nightingale Legs (knight) + Hell Beasts (knight)
Imperial Regent 20lv – Kagejustu Gear Top (ninja) + Dragon Blades (rogue)
Malkyn 25lv – Shogun Katana (samurai) + Kagejustu Pants (ninja)
Pirate Deckhand 26lv – Oni Leggins (samurai) + Durendel (knight)
Pirate Buccaneer 28lv – Oni Armor (samurai) + Kunsanagi (samurai)
Pirate Commander 30lv – Blade Shard Leggins (rogue) + Seiryu (ninja)
Helena 34lv – Blade Shard Armor (rogue) + Voodoo Blades (rogue)

And here same information but grouped for every Class:

Gryphon Claw Set
TOP – Undead Scourge (8lvl)
LEG – Undead Soul (6lvl)
Nightingale Set
TOP – Imperial Scout (14lvl)
LEG – Imperial Solider (17lvl)
Hell Beasts – Imperial Solider (17lvl)
Durendel – Pirate Deckhand (26lvl)

Oni Set
TOP – Pirate Buccaneer (28lvl)
LEG – Pirate Deckhand (26lvl)
Majin Set
TOP – Coopa (13lvl)
LEG – Undead Wraith (10lvl)
Kunsanagi – Pirate Buccaneer (28lvl)
Shogun Katana – Malkyn (25lvl)

Bone Shell Set
TOP – Bandit Liutenant (4lvl)
LEG – Fendrel (6lvl)
Blade Shard Set
TOP – Helena (34lvl)
LEG – Pirate Commander (30lvl)
Dragon Blades – Imperial Regent (20lvl)
Voodoo Blades – Helena (34lvl)

Genjutsu Set
TOP – Bandit Minion (1lvl)
LEG – Bandit Enforcer (2lvl)
Kagejustu Set
TOP – Imperial Regent (20lvl)
LEG – Malkyn (25lvl)
Demon Blade – Imperial Scout (14lvl)
Seiryu – Pirate Commander (30lvl)

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Very nice guide! I planned to do the same but the general lack of awareness for this forum dissuaded me. And i would have waited the next update (supposedly ready for January :( ) to post it, when it could catch the attention of new players.

Anyway, it’ll be helpful to a lot of people, so thanks ;).

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Ultra Rare items were launched with the new update.
All can be “spinned” after beating Pirate Crew.

Obsidian Dragon (knight) – Pirate Deckhand
Masamune (samurai) – Pirate Buccaneer
Iga Hanzo (ninja) – Pirate Commander
Assasin Gaunlet (rogue) – Helena

Credit goes to RockmanZ, thx for help :))

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Nice post guys, remember you can get your class rare drops/ ultra rare when playing PvP ranked match as well.

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That’s right! Drops in PvP are always guaranteed to fit your class (unless you still at the Warrior/Thief stage), but battling NPC is the safest way to get them, as the fierce competition in PvP makes keeping the winstreak much more difficult.

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Any of you guys lucky enough to get the ultra rare weapons yet?

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I have currently a winstreak of 200 in PvE, and today alone i fought the Pirate Buccaneer more than 100 times with all the AP in stock i’ve gained from PvP loot, but i still haven’t gotten the ultra rare drop, not even one rare i already own T_T.

But meanwhile, i activated my book to profit of this epic session :D. But i don’t give up, someday i will get my Masamune – w -.

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Good luck on getting the Masamune! I saw someone that got the Obsidian Dragon and a full Nightangle armors.

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i got a ultra rare my friends it was a IGA HANZO sword I got from a pvp thankz for the tip it really helped me.