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If you like game like Ogame or Travian, but feel that they don’t allow enough freedom to the player check out Arcadia Online:

Some of the more interesting features include:

- A huge 2d world map randomly generated that feels alive. Players play on the map in the same way a game of Civilization plays out. Players can build cities, move armies (and navies) across the map, fight other player armies or conquer other player cities. Everything happens on a single huge map.

- Cities can be built, conquered or destroyed. This is a big difference from games like Ogame where you can only sack other planets, and it makes the world more dynamic since things change over time.

- Battles can be fought on land or on the sea and the result isn’t just a numbers game where the strongest army wins, but there is a formation system where the player can arrange units on a grid. Having a formation that counters the enemy becomes a great advantage.

- The game is able to support up to 10,000 players on a single realm.

Come and join us!