[Lord Of Ages] 1/2/2013 version updates from 22:00-24::00 (PST)

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Dear players:
1/2/2013 version updates from 22:00-24::00 (PST)

1. Events launched:
a. Hephaestus’s Hammer (Feb 2, 2013 00:00 – Feb 8, 2013 23:59 pst)
b. Gifts Giveaway (Feb 2, 2013 00:00 to Feb 15, 2013 23:59 pst)

2. Improvements:
a. Add function of opening Coins Box.
b. Add item of changing lords’ name in store.

3. Bugs fixed:
a. The title of system email which informs players’ soldiers in cities stop dying is wrongly displayed.
b. The comma of a system email which informs the alliance relationship changing from friendly to hostile is wrongly displayed.
c. After opening the random chest, there is no popup system message informing the rewards.
d. No rewards displayed in the rewards record column after exploring dragon once.
e. “error 10” pops up for connecting the game overtime.
f. Mouseover tip on the chatting expression is inappropriate.

Any questioons plz feel free to contact us.
LOA Team