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German mortar can be fire under camnet and under pil box (This is extremely annoying when your guys cannot kill him and let him kill my guys 1 shot 1 kill , my officer died because of him, video will be coming out soon)

German Flak panzer instead aim at your bunkers in front of it, it aims to the
officer(sniper tank?)

German Nebel, still shooting when there are no crew

German Wespe, when destroyed (at the last second) the bullet still can be fired out

Dead German in the form of standing: If you advance , it counts as you left a guy

Invisible rock (Rocks are so small that you cannot see blocked zooks bullets)

Bunker moving( This is the knock back effect of the german armies)

German Pionneer diffused the booby trap without dying

CQC in pill box ( if you killed the german dude in CQC inside pill box, your guy will be immobilized ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1Lc7RaQpvs

Allied AAA when pick up Crate will not shoot anymore (At least in my game, after the crate fell in, he stop shooting and never back to shoot)

Frenchies ran back with positive morale (no command has been made)

In way 40, Wespe can been seen spawn with ( I saw 2 Wespe from 40 to 50) This is not last stand, regular deploy, It can be not a bug after all (URB)

My mortar left a DUB round? (Mortar fire an Arty or something? Random)

Sarge deployed with no greenade ( AW< I want to see him throw it)

Half track with the 4 machine guns upgraded (when the main dude is shot off, the 4 machine gunner will not shoot? wat?)

Ran back Volkstrum killed my NCO gunner ( This can be happen )

You cannot de-greenade zook (you cannot do it at all, cause the ribbon make your zooks spawn with greenade)
All of this are real, the video about these will be uploaded so beware of these Unfair Randomness Of course Brutality in front of you (or it is a technical problem)

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If you have proof for these, or at least can tell people how to replicate some, go ahead and post them in the bug threads in mudandblood.net’s technical discussion.

Link here

You will get more views there, as well as a greater chance of any official replies or confirmations.

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Dear Mr.Beginner guide!
I am very appreciate for what you impose to me! But please read through can consider what need proof since some of them are really obvious and common!
CQC in Pillbox will be the only 1 I uploaded!

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Most of your BUGs can be easily explained. First of all are you even playing the actual version or an older download one?
I see the older version in that video you posted.
TOWARDS: German mortar >> If he is truly in the LOS dead zone then he will not fire. If not then your men could fire at him. Depends on the angle.
German Flak >> Nothing wrong there. Bad luck in your case.
German Nebel >> Once they starts firing no crew is needed anymore just like with our Land Mattress.
German Wespe >>Unintentional game lag. Similar to a unit aiming in one direction and then firing in another.
Dead German in the form of standing >> ?? well I do not know everything. Visit the official site and ask there.
Invisible rock >> Real rare. I have not sen this happen in a long while.
Bunker moving >> I just answered this for the second time in the OFFICIAL bug thread.
German Pionneer >> So he got lucky. Give him a break. :)
CQC in pill box >> In the current version CQC inside (inner square) the Pillbox is not possible save a few rare exceptions like a Flamer can sometimes.
Allied AAA when pick up Crate will not shoot anymore >> I would say that that was a rare bug if at all. I do not have this problem.
Frenchies ran back with positive morale >> You may have seen the pop-up before it dropped below 0.
In way 40, Wespe >> I assume you mean WAVE 40. TIP: past wave 30 anything is possible. Beware!
My mortar left a DUB round? >> Really?? Cool. I never seen that happen.
Half track with the 4 machine guns upgraded >> Image glitch. When the Extra crewman/gunner dies he will still be displayed as being there.
Ran back Volkstrum killed my NCO gunner >> fixed in the newest patch.
You cannot de-greenade zook >> or Flamers,Gunners… though luck bug.

Hoped this helped a bit. Come over to mnb.net for more in-depth mnb chatter.