Hey devs: you seriously overvalued powerups/boosters

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What exactly is the purpose of the new booster system? Did you intend them as a goldsink? I’ve personally spent in the vicinity of 50-100k opening various itemboxes and I’ve yet to get anything useful. As described elsewhere all health potions, even the 100% ones are less useful than health bombs which all regular player have in limitless quantities. It’s completely ridiculous to value 4 100% health potions at 5000 coins when we already have free infinite access to health bombs that also restore you to 100% and restore your mana, and revive you from death, plus do AoE damage+knockback and have no carrying limit.

Most other boosters aren’t much better. Personally, seems like fully half the time I get these silly 50% speed boosts that last 30 seconds. Why would I care? What, do you expect us to spend tens of thousands of coins getting speed boosts in order to speed up our coin farming? For 30 seconds? Mana potions? So what? Is it really worthwhile to spend tens of thousands of coins to save myself a few seconds of regenertion? Or are they supposed to to “save us” in times of need when we have no mana? You remember that health bombs do this too, right? Armor boosts are supposed to what, help keep us alive so we once again don’t use our free infinite health bombs? The various damage boosts are the only powerups that actually drop regularly that are useful, and they’re just not that useful.

Just ask yourselves, if any of these items were available for the same coin costs you’d pay to open the boxes that contain them, would you buy them? Even with the benefit of getting to choose which you get rather than depending on the RNG? I wouldn’t.

Itemboxes were like playing the lottery. The vast mjority of items you might get are pretty much worthless, but we kept opening the things on the offchance we might get lucky and get a gold multuplier.

…so you nerfed the duration on those? Seriously? They were already so rare that you might have to spend 100k on itemboxes to stand much chance of getting even one, and now they dont’ last long enough to even recoup that cost.

What purpose do boosters serve?

Did you introduce them as a gold sink? To trick players into opening boxes just to spend coins? Because that’s all I’m seeing here.

Positive suggestion:
Remove the cost for opening item boxes. The basic idea is fine…but you’ve just seriously overestimated the actual gameplay value for the drops. I wouldn’t pay for most of these things even if they were available in the store for the cost to open the boxes. Health boosts are already free. Remove the cost to open itemboxes. They’re not worth what you thought they were.

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devs: thx for suggestion, we’ll nerfed the health bomb to restore 10% hp&mp.

…just joking.

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My suggestion: make items like speed boosts, mana\health potions etc. stronger or last entire dungeon. And then they’ll be worth to open boxes.