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This is a basic FAQ in chat,or forums,or anywhere.

Why I’m started naked?

Your ship crashed and Fisherman Gorton steals them

How do I equip item?

Double click it

How do I earn gems quickly?

Gems are almost useless in the early game,except if you want to buy bags,but this is the way of earning them:

1.Purchase them with Kreds
2.Buy them from market.Note:Gem price at market is highly unpredictable.It can go up or down anytime

How do I attack a monster?

Double click.

I don’t really understand what does the stat do

STA:Raises your health.Some says it raises armor.It doesn’t.But if you buy buffs or stamina equips,yes.
STR:Raises attack power and armor
AGI:Raises Critical chance and dodge
INT:Raises Energy and Critical chance

Should I split my stat points up?

Its not recommended to do that at non-rebirth but at high level rebirth/ascend,you can try.

Wait.You mention non-rebirth,rebirth and ascend.What do you mean exactly?

Non-rebirth is new players like you.
Rebirth is an experienced players but not that all experienced yet.
Ascend is the most experienced players,due to reaching level 100 and explored all the areas.

How do you rebirth/ascend?

Rebirth:Reach level 60,then talk to death either at Noob Island or Frozen North.
Ascend:Reach level 100 after rebirth,and talk to death either at Noob Island or Frozen North.

Can you ascend even if you’re not rebirth yet?


Anything awesome that I get if I’m rebirth or ascend?


You gain access to pet.
You get an extra stat point every 4 level
You’ll have a skull next to your name


You gain access to Implant.We’ll move to that later.
You also gain access to other things that requires Ascended other than Implants.
You have a cool gold skull next to your name

I’m very scared to rebirth.Do I lose all my items,coins and gems?I’ve worked hard for those!

You don’t lose them.You do,however,go back to level 1.The same happened with ascend

You said,don’t split stat up.So do you mean focus on one stat point?


I don’t have a map from XXX.How do I get one?

Buy it.

ARGH!I level too slow,any way to increase EXP given?

-Fight high level mob,though they may be harder to beat.
-Use EXP boost
-Wait Double EXP weekend

Its too hard to get coins.Any tips?

The best way to grind is to sell items or grind things that gives high coin drops.This is among the most popular grinding mobs:

Cyborg Crabs

Location:Forgotten Underground
Drops:Oil Can(Shop sells for 400,stacks to 20),Cyborg Claw(Shop Sells for 100,stacks to 10),Super Scope(Weapon,shop sells for 1000,doesn’t stack)


Location:Forgotten Under Underground
Drops:Russian Hat(Shop Sells for 1000),Tesla Cannon(Weapon,Shop sells for 1000)
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:Relish grinding requires VERY HIGH luck for effective


Drops:Seabearserker set(Head,Body,Face,each sells for 10K)
Coin Drops:500-999
Note:To grind this,you need seaweed,which lasts for 30 minutes


Base HP:24000
Location:Temple of Lost Soul
Drops:Broken Crossbow Bolt(Sells for 2000,doesn’t stack),Crossbow Bolt(Sells for 2500,doesn’t stack),Zombeetle album(Sells for 3500,doesn’t stack)Zip(Sells for 40K,doesn’t stack)
Important note:Having the lowest HP in this area but has very high damage(Around 1000 damage without high armor)

How do I sell item?

Shift + Click

Is there PvP in this game?

No,but soon,yes.

The quest here is too hard!

No worries,you can group with someone to help you.

I have some awesome buffs,but I sure did need something more awesome

You can buff someone else and you can ask for buffs.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:When asking for buffs,ask POLITELY.Don’t ask like “Buff me or you suck” or “Can I haz some buffs?”

I asked politely like you said,but they still doesn’t buff me

Most of them are AFK or busy

Seriously,how much area is in this game?

NI:You start at this area
CC:Level 8 to enter.Talk to the statue or travel in NI
HR:Level 8 to enter.Its in Crab Coast.Quite easy to not notice it
PS:Level 12 to enter.Tele is close to King Crab.Tele can also be found in middle of Crab Coast
CoSR(Cave of Some Return):Level 16 to enter.Middle of Crab Coast
SG:Level 18 to enter.Middle of Crab Coast
MC:Walk east of Crab Coast.Tele requires level 22
CoD(Cave of Despair):Center of MC.Requires level 30
FW:Center of MC.Requires level 32
MW:Center of MC.Requires level 44
FU:Go north from the cactus at FW.Requires level 36
FUU:When you reach the Aliens in FU,go south
FN:If you found the badger king,keep going north.
CL:From the Shivering Crab/Evil Ice skater,go east.REQUIRES LEVEL 60 REBIRTH
ToLS(Temple of Lost Soul):In CL.Requires level 70
NCC:From the Elites/Thrones,go northeast.
DM:From NCC,go west.

Hooray,I got a 5 gem note from Daily Present!


Aww,I got EXP Notes/EXP Boost from Daily Present

If you have a bank,KEEP THEM!They will be really,really useful during Double EXP Weekends

Where is Death?

From where you start,go east.

Which stat should I focus on?

Depends.Here is the pros. and cons. of all class



-High health
-High armor with buffs


-Low Energy
-Lack of spells



-High Attack Power
-Moderate Armor
-Moderate Health


-Low Energy
-Can’t really tank that well



-High Critical
-High Dodge


-Low health
-Low Armor
-Low Energy


-High Energy
-Has healing spells
-Moderate Critical chance


-Low Health
-Low Armor

More will be added later

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It may help a lot of Newbies

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Keep bumping it to keep it alive.

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BUMP lol

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Argh,the music sounds bad!

Mute the game and open another music player.

Why no mob has energy?

Too hard to code maybe?

Ugh,can we move to the implant thingy now?

Okay.Implants are bonus equipment that you unlock when you ascend.They are generally same as equipment.

Hey,cool!A PVP tab.Wait.Where is PVP?How do I do PVP?

As for now,PvP is not implemented yet,but soon,yes.

Why there’s no trading in this game?

Trading is bad because:

-Newbies will more often beg for trading,leading to annoyance.

Still,there’s a way to trade.Go to market and trade whatever item you want to trade.There must be two person,right?Level 80 person can trade through Broker.


Snipers?Who are they?

Snipers are players who seek out for anyone who tries to trade item,mainly valuable one.Please do not do this.

I heard about this guild thingy.What are they?

Guilds are a group of people who unlocks extra perks like more EXP,coins,factions and much more.Some items,mostly guild items requires guild level.

What’s with this guild warfare thingy?

See above.You earn some of them through this,though you need good strategy to dominate it.


You can join any guild without any fees,though you may need a few coins if the guild leaders wants you to donate or kick.

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Why I can’t get the badge?

You have to complete the quest to get the badge.

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Good job!
Edit: https://sites.google.com/site/foguide/commonly-asked-questions It’s not complete, but also has some good advices.