[Mythic Saga] Apprentices Wanted!

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Hi I’m a Terra player who will provide mentoring to any and all Terra new players.

As my apprentice, you will receive the following:
1) Apprentice Care Pack! Any/all low level guild-collection quest items I have picked up extras for, so you won’t miss any guild contribution points / xp / gold
2) Answer to your questions on any aspect of the game you don’t understand
3) My help to finish quests for you if I am online and not afk’ing (and I’m on about 6-8 hours a day so this should be fairly frequent)
4) Potential to join a pro-guild

At graduation, (when you reach level 40), I will also provide you with a care-pack :D !

Requirements to be my apprentice:
1) Below level 30
2) Terra player
3) Good attitude!
4) Be Active! If you are not active, I will expel you after 24 hrs of inactivity (sorry it’s harsh, but my apprentices get to lvl 1-40 in less than 24 hrs most of the time)

How to become my apprentice:
1) Hit “J”, this brings up your ‘community’ screen
2) Find the button on the top that says “Apprentice”
3) In the middle box, you will see a button that says “Mentor”, click this
4) Select my name: Buffdawg
5) Click on the Apprentice button
6) Wait and be patient! I will accept your request when I log on or are online :)