[Mythic Saga] What firewall port(s) need to be open?

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Anyone have any idea?

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There were some issues with servers a few days ago. But those should be fixed. Ports on your firewall should not affect this game. What are you experiencing?

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I load the game.

I click the green LOGIN button.

It starts to load, and then stops at a black screen.

It really looks like I need to open a specific port in the firewall.

I play from two locations on identical computers. Exact system specs and everything. One is behind a firewall. The other isn’t.

The one behind the firewall gets this black screen. The other works fine.

Seems to be a firewall issue, so the question remains: which port do I need to open for Mythic Saga?


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You still can’t log in game? Usually our game did not have problem with the firewall,so that we suggest you to change another browser to log in game,like firefox,google chrome.If you still have questions just reply here,thank you.

Mythic Saga Team