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Ok I do rather like this game and the graphics are stunning. I also like the fact that it doesn’t demand that you pay cash unlike some other games.

However there are a few issues.
1. Lag. My computer is pretty good and I am aware that this is a large game. I also generally don’t have anything else running when I play. Yet I still suffer some brief moments of lag and lose a LOT of health when it happens.

2. Ambushes. I get that ambushes make sense in this style of game, but I must say that they were done rather poorly. I mean here I managed to take down a large group of enemies, by using steady shot to pick them off one at a time without disturbing the rest. Then I go to finish off the last one or two and suddenly 8 enemies come out from nowhere and mob me. So despite my efforts to avoid getting mobbed, I am still getting mobbed. I can somewhat reduce the amount of damage I take by running, then shot off a single steady shot once I have a little lead and then run again. Yet even then I still take a healthy amount by first having to break free from the mob and then from any bites I took while wearing down the mob. Also god help me if I suffer a bout of lag during this. >.<

I ever have a few suggestions for this one. A. Make the first three missions free from ambushes. This would make it easier on a newbie to save up the precious karma shards that they need for to unlock the next area and unlock the skills that would make dealing with an ambush easier. This is basically a set of training wheels for new players. B. Give newbies ONE half decent multiattack skill from the get go. Maybe even have this skill cost a lot of energy to encourage players to be careful with using it. Then once a player is more established they will probably abandon it for a better one, but for a newbie it would be a life saver. C. Make the ambushes in the first 3 missions a bit smaller. Throwing 8 enemies out of nowhere is pretty cruel since most newbie will have a hard time dealing with them and there isn’t much they can do to prepare for it.

3. The camera. It is REALLY easy to accidentally anger a large group of enemies when thanks to the camera angle you can’t even see them. This can be really deadly, especially if you are in enclosed space. It also makes it almost impossible to try picking them off since you can’t target one whose separated from the group. Any sort of camera control would be lovely from zooming out, changing the angle or merely moving the camera a bit more to the front of your chracter. After all you should know that one of the things that gamers really hate is a bad camera, yet alone one that they have no control over.

4. Actually give us the ability to pause the game? Let’s face it, stuff happens and it really sucks like if the phone rings while you are in the middle of a fight. This is a really common feature on most games which rather surprised me when I realized that opening the menus didn’t pause the games.

5. The last one. Freezing, there is hardly anything more aggravating then when you freeze, have to reload the game and then learning that you got killed because of it. It would be really nice to see if you could do something about this.

Well that’s my list and I really hope that you look at this, maybe even leave a response. I also wholeheartedly welcome the other players to come and add their thoughts/suggestions.

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My newish laptop runs the game just fine.
And I have no trouble with ambushes, even as the supposedly frailest class (Cunning discipline).
Just get a trap/AoE ability (Caltrops).
Similarly, mobs of mobs pose no threat. Kiting and caltrops.

Rotating the camera angle should be fine. I doubt it’ll take much to implement on Unity, but it might make navigation a bit less intuitive.

Pausing would be great. I was a bit surprised that going to the inventory/character/game menu didn’t actually stop the game. I mean, it’s single-player. Just. Pause.

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Yeah, but not all of us have newish laptops.

Yeah I know, but you have to earn the karma first and 900 is a big sum for a newbie, especially when they also have the earn the 2400 to unlock the next area. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, just that it is very frustrating.

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My point was that it’s not a gaming computer.

Anyways, I didn’t find those random streams of enemies to be particularly difficult. Kiting just with steady shot is possible, though it requires patience and concentration.

The cost of caltops is nothing, especially considering how useful it is. It might be 2-3 replays on a higher difficulty at most. Fewer for completionists, fewer for those who don’t die. Even if you do die, you can choose to keep your karma.
IIRC, I only did around 3-4 replays (6-7 total missions) before I had more than enough karma to get to the next area, and I bought caltrops right after that. (I managed those first levels entirely without caltrops. Not on overrun difficulty, though. Had to gain some levels before going back to do that.)
I don’t consider that frustrating.

And then there’s always the availability of an ally, summoned anytime you want.
They don’t do much damage but they’re a free (and higher-level) meatshield.

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I agree with Glacela; DarkSlash you clearly haven’t have had a ambush into a massive lag spike… It is near instant death… This game does need no ambush for the first couple of levels because it it near impossible to deal with them because they often come with lag if you are in a hot-spot. A way to do damage to multiple enemies at once to begin with, however highly costing would be awesome, and would be about all I would ask for to deal with this problem for right row. Also this game is near imposible to play in hot spots… as this is single player it should time off of your computer to prevent this lag, you can change that when/if you go to multiplayer but…

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1. While I agree that ambushes can be a problem at lower levels, there is no need for them to be removed. They add difficulty to the game and help players handle larger groups in later areas for you learn how to do crowd control from that imo. You then stated that ambushes should be smaller, but again they tend to not be all at once (one mob spawns at a time). This isn’t always the case, but you do get time to run if need be.

2. Again, there is no reason to give players a multi. att. from the start. There has to be some difficulty to the game to start with.

3. Allowing the player to change camera angles in a game like this can be tricky. Instead of handing over complete control, it would probably be better to allow the player to face a cardinal direction based on the arrow keys. The current follow system does create blind spots, but the radar helps to offset this. It doesn’t help with aiming abilities though.

4. Many games that operate server side don’t have a “pause” button. I understand this is single player for the moment and more could be done client side, but the reason most games resist this is due to tampering that can be done w/ programs if the game has parts that are client side.

5. I’ve seen a lot of posts about freezing and lag. To be perfectly honest, this has a lot to do with your computer and connection. My game has never “froze” or had significant lag even when I have a movie playing at the same time. Unity player is a different beast than a regular flash game and takes a decent amount more power for the computer to play it smoothly. If you want to play this game w/o lag issues I would suggest using a reasonably up to date desktop over a laptop assuming you have that option. If not, the developer can add some more options to lower the graphic detail on the game, but for the most part it is simply the limitation of your device.

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Originally posted by KoJFFXI:
There has to be some difficulty to the game to start with.

Except not. People who want challenges can find them, but there is no reason to force everyone into something only few enjoy. Games are supposed to be fun, not work.

I’ve seen a lot of posts about freezing and lag.

And yet you’re blaming players and not devs. It doesn’t matter how nice they are or how cool their game is, bad development is just that. This is Kongregate, home of Flash games, it’s not unreasonable that people with mediocre computers expect games to run smoothly.

To be perfectly honest, this has a lot to do with your computer and connection.

To be brutally honest, it has more to do with poor code optimization than anything else. Few years ago almost all flash games were running smoothly, but nowadays they’re more and more demanding. While Flash tends to eat a lot of resources I still played few new games that were running without problems. Which means only one thing: devs are getting lazy and think that they no longer have to optimize their code, allocate and free memory as necessairy, etc. because “everyone” has powerful computer. Indie game made in Unity that has system requirements similar to Diablo 3? Yeah, that’s not going to pass. Huge companies can make games that don’t work with integrated Intel graphic card, but I always thought new/small ones should try their best to target as large crowd as possible. Nova Raider has 4 (four!) different quality settings to improve performance, Akaneiro even in stand-alone version is one big slide-show. Which is shame, because it looks and feels really nice.

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my comp is 6 years old, does not have a grafic card, only the on board crap and the game runs smoothly without any lag at all.
so seizan its not about the devs doing a crappy game, its rather ur connection, ur server distance, crap that runs on ur comp, ur memory and stuff like that. and most of all its the unity flash player which is independent from the game, as u might know and not in the hands of the devs

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I am actually rather surprised to hear/read that people have lag/freezing.
My laptop is rather old by now being an i3 M370 2.4 GH with 3GB RAM and the game has no lags/freezing at all for me.

For those that have lags/freezes, I understand that often enough it can be the game, but just as well it can be your own computer that isn’t optimized.

There are programs to clear the RAM or optimize your computer by closing unnecessary programs. It often helps with a lot of issues. I actually like the Advanced SystemCare.

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My desktop PC is 5 years old… never lags

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nope, those experiencing lag… it has nothing to do with how new or how powerful your comp is. I have a top of the line desktop with fine graphics card (Nvidia 560 ti) installed in it, tons of ram, etc.

game still has periods where framerate drops to next to nothing, updating creature positions and my own shows extreme lag (often leading to death), etc. if it were your comp specs, changing the detail settings would have a noticeable effect, but it does not, at all.

it’s not an issue of optimizing your computer, or running few programs, etc. it’s a conflict between specific video drivers and this particular game. Instead, I would recommend trying to see if alternate drivers (newer or older) fix the problem.

I do notice a huge and random swing in position information and framerates after the last update that was not there before, and this being the case without having changed a single thing on my system. So, yes, there IS something about this game that disagrees with my particular setup. Things that not only do i not notice with other games on Kong, or otherwise, but also not before the last update.

for those that claim “no lag”, have you actually run something like Fraps on it while playing?