[APB Reloaded] Bug Reports

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Report any bugs or issues you encounter in APB Reloaded.

Please do not create separate threads for your bug reports.
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When downloading APB i get an error

“Error opening http://www.kongregate.com/games_redirect/157019?path=402Fdownloadable_info403Finstaller. The server returned status code 403”

Just throwing that out there

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When I try to run the game (that I downloaded from here), I get a Login Failed maeesage: Account Login has Failed! This Client’s version is incorrect. Please make sure that you are running the current patch (error code 10001).

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When i try to download the game i get this error

“Error opening http://www.kongregate.com/games_redirect/157019?path=404Fdownloadable_info404Finstaller. The server returned status code 404.”

So the game have been cancled or is it something else?