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Right, so i played the game with all 3 characters up to level 4 and ended up on playing prowess char more.

1. The cunning character is way too difficult to play. He has low mellee damage (one single handed weapon) and specializes mostly on single targets, although he still doesn’t have much damage there. His first arrow skill deals almost as much damage as the normal attack of a prowess character. I always love ninja-type characters but this one did nothing for me. Later on i saw he uses traps, but how can you use traps successfully in a real time rpg with the camera so close to the character ? I would suggest his skills either do tons of damage to a single target, or hit multiple enemies. Right now he’s the weakest character of all.

His blink skill could be good in pvp fights, IF they’re ever possible, but still, the camera is far too close to use it and attack from a distance. And still, to attack from a distance you need some mana, which will make your pool easily depleted. I equipped him with a nodachi (the twohanded katana thingie) and he killed all with a single strike, and then i found out he specialized in single handed weapons.

2. Power character is good, but you always need to point where you want him to strike with his skills. All his skills need you to point with the mouse cursor. There should be a way to avoid that, and just make him use the skill where he is facing without needing to point anywhere. He specializes in double singlehanded mellee combat, which looks awesome. However his first skill, at level 1, with the first axes, which is supposed to strike multiple targets hits them for 8 damage. This is hardly anything when you want to use the skill to defeat them fast. So yeah, needs more damage there. I didn’t have any other bad thing to say on this char, just what i said above.

3. Prowess char is the most op, however when i use my thorns shield it seems im taking more damage. I might be wrong. Anyway. He’s op.

4. The threat levels keep changed even if you restart the game with a new char. Every time i needed to spend karma to lower it, so that i can play the normal level 1 with the new level 1 char. Only thing i found is that with a threat of level 3, i managed to defeat level 1 with the level 1 prowess char and a level 3 ally. Didn’t happen with power char and i’m sure it wouldn’t happen with the cunning char either. I had to spend about 500 karma to revive my power char, and i only died once with prowess. With the cunning char i died once or twice even on easy xD but without an ally.

5. it desperately needs an autoloot button, or a show items button. With the “auto-fade” or without the “auto-fade” button checked, it looks the same, and i can’t see the items unless i hover my cursor over them.

6. The skills need to be level-indifferent. The level cap is fine, but if i want to grind to equip a skill before the appropriate level i should be able to. Maybe make it so it becomes cheaper if you’re higher level, but you can still buy it and use it if you’re low. If you want to stay with the level policy, then make it so i don’t get to see the skills i can’t yet equip. Like, “you’re now level 4 ! You can equip this skill ! Buy it now for so-and-so karma !” or something. Going to the ability shop just to see all the cool things you can’t buy is just frustrating.

7. Needs a sell all button. Actually some games feature the “junk bag” where you can just click on an item (say ctrl+click) and then it goes in the junk bag, then you can automatically sell everything from the junk bag.

8. last but not least, the escape button needs to negate any menu you have open. You go to the shop, you sell your items, you hit escape, you go on playing.

that’s all for now. Awesome game i gave it 5/5 but still not perfect. :)

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Please refrain from creating separate suggestion threads as there is already a thread specifically created for ALL suggestions and Ideas.

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Originally posted by TheCongressman:

Please refrain from creating separate suggestion threads as there is already a thread specifically created for ALL suggestions and Ideas.

Please refrain from backseat moderation as there are already moderators specifically appointed to deal with this.