[Wasteland Empires] Chapter 10 and Tier 8 released!

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We have released an update in Wasteland on Kongregate!

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated!

If there are any issues, please contact http://support.crowdstar.com and include your in Game ID (which you can find on your Wasteland Empires game screen).

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Ty :)

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No problem :) (fixed the title…)

Thoughts on the new chapter or tier? Anything particularly interesting or eye catching?

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If we can leave our thoughts here… ok. This was discussed in chat already. Some of us were a bit disappointed cause half the chapter completed itself (the requirements were to have some buildings at Tier 5). Later on, I figured that this was a downside only for the players who’ve evolved like crazy… for a players starting after this chapter was implemented, not so much, more than that, it is a somewhat necessary pause from not completing the story too fast. I guess we will always have it easy from now on, as far as the storyline is concerned, or at least for a good while from now on, until the slowness of the game catches up with the chapters…

As far as the story goes, I personally like the unique NPCs that keep popping up. It is new content compared to the NPC towns I see everyday. Keep them coming.
What I don’t appreciate is the storyline forcing me to consume gas cans, even though this chapter ended with farming more than I consumed for advancing:D Those gas station – filled towns should be made into an event or something…. or an arena to fight over them I don’t know…


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Maybe a chance to trade wiht the friendly NPCs, or made NCP town where you can get quests .