[Akaneiro] Has anyone found a Level III attribute equipment?

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I am currently farming to try to get good equipment and I notice a threat http://spicyworld.spicyhorse.com/social/thread-902-1-2.html
with people that posted screenshot of their gear and have equipment with attributes level III even green items.
I have never seen one in all my time farming except the Obsedian claymore in rare shop. Not even on the shop or in blue items I have got blue items but their attribute is Level I !!! and they level 20 gear!
So my question is if you play on kongregate do you got any level III atribute gear that is not Obsedian claymore ? or they do not exist in kongregate?

by attributes I mean thristy III , brutal III ,Hyper III ,precision III

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You are a funny one, you asked in chat, i said yes, also i showed screens and you still ask here. Lol.
Yes there i such equip and it drops.