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hey this is just for fun about tdp4. make a story about how the war started.

the year is 2021. a group called the GREEN develop cyborgs that were made to fight. then they use it on us. the Americans fight back against the cyborgs and then here came mutants that were made from GREEN. they join niether side and fight everyone. some cyborgs were captured and have been programmed to kill cyborgs that fight GREEN. half of the world has been a waste land. even in NASA’s Space Lab. the Americans, Russians, Asians, and the rest of the world fight against GREEN. their whereabouts are unkown ,but rumor has it that the cyborgs fall from space causing havoc. The united states hav created a nuke to destroy the mutants base. all soldiers are injected with spider DNA to make themselves almost bullet proof. all assault rifles are weak except for the gauss rifle. lasers came from cyborgs and are constantly overpowering humans. elemental weapons come from humans. now the only ones standing are a few human soldiers and 5 cyborgs reported to be left. they are the black cyborg, the silver cyborg with teeth, the grey elite cyborg,the skinny yellow aid cyborg and the skinny grey kamikaze cyborg are left, causing destruction and disappearing.

THE END hope u enjoyed.