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Hey there folks. I’m gonna make a suggestions thread (and also some possible bug catches) with my recommendations on how to improve the game in this. Yes, there is another suggestions thread up, but I’m gonna make my own because it’s gonna have a lot of things in it straight away.
And without further ado, my suggestions:


  • Add the World View for all countries that do not have them yet. The UI is much better like that.
  • (Bug?) The red transparent circle for outbreaks which need to be eradicated isn’t exactly aligned with the centre of the Energy button. That may be my OCD talking a bit.
  • Add special outbreak events (both positive and negative) that randomly trigger while eradicating an outbreak (outside of top squad help). For example: “You found x (item) while eradicating zombies! It’s been added to your inventory!” for a positive event; “A zombie bit you while your were eradicating the outbreak! You received fewer rewards and had to spend x (20% of outbreak cost) energy to cure the infection!” for a negative event.
  • Add a new type of challenge which gives out special rewards for outbreaks.


  • Currently the UI for viewing bosses takes up almost an entire page, which is a bit long. Change it so that it uses icons which show a boss overview if you click it. Give full view of boss fights which are currently in progress to help make it easier to see which ones are in progress.
  • Add attack events for bosses (again both positive and negative) which randomly trigger. Example for positive:- “You hit the x (Boss) Zombie’s weak spot! The last attack dealt 50% more damage!” and for negative:- "The x (Boss) Zombie consumed an allied zombie and restored n (minimum 5%, up to 25%) health!
  • Add items which give a benefit to boss fights when armed. For example, a “Cure Gun” has a chance to render the boss immobile for a limited time, causing the next attack against it to deal no damage against you.
  • Add an auto-collect button for squad boss fights to avoid scrolling to the bottom of the Boss page to collect them individually.


  • Open the Battle Arena on Kong plz. :P
  • Add ‘multi-ambush’ button to help set up more than one Ambush quickly.
  • Add a ‘notoriety’ score for all players that increases the more they fight and punch and hitlist people, and decreases the less they fight. Players with more notoriety gain a greater attack bonus, but have reduced defense against lower notoriety players. (This will actually need more balancing, but I want to throw this out to see what the consensus is.)


  • (Bug?) The Carnival Float is incorrectly listed as a Canada craft item.
  • Add upgrades to older boss rewards (at least up to India) to make them more relevant to higher level players as with the World Boss items.
  • Add an additional upgrade slot (unlocked with UN Credits or achievements) for all inventory categories.

The UN

  • Remove the Loyalty Items tab and make it a Loyalty Store to make more use out of Loyalty Points. With the points you can buy Energy and Stamina refills, Challenge items (Rockets, Chips etc.) and Hired Squad – as well as the Loyalty Items. Again, I just want to throw it out to see what people think.


  • More images should be available for choosing a Faction picture. If not that then at least a ‘Custom Image’ option available.
  • Give leaders the power to set GP limits for the faction members, see inactive members (who haven’t logged into the game for at least 3 days) and authorize member absence.
  • Add Faction Mergers, which can allow two smaller factions to become one large faction. Mergers must be authorized by both factions with at least an 80% approval rate from both factions for it to go ahead. If the Merger causes more members than allowable to be in the new faction, then inactive players and members with fewer GP gains are removed until the Faction size reaches the limit.
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Thanks for the suggestions TrueShadow! Many of the cooler features in our games are from player suggestions, and community feedback is incredibly important to making the game awesome. I definitely recommend asking other players here on kong for feedback on your ideas, and you may want to consider breaking some of them down into separate threads to encourage discussion.
We do have an ideas section on our off-Kong forums , and I also recommend checking what’s been posted there and bringing specific ideas there for feedback.