[Esgrima 2] A veterans song...

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I remember the fish that took forever to kill
I remember the needles and the hammers so expensive and rare
I remember that Officers were few and so rich
I remember that trading was a b…..ch

I recall the times of old the times when Blaze was God
Now so many are blazing Giants with flaming hats so odd
Few windstones now can buy a small country
Yet the rest of the rares are thrown in the pantry

I remember Oneshark used to fight amongst us
I remember the promise of updates upon us
I see old faces grining yet the war must go on
In the war factory veterans find solace
Instead of hating, we learned to love that firelord…..

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Nice :).

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Dupy dupy doooo

Once upon a time in the land of flash
there was a great furore over the great big clash
of veterans who struggled to craft their fine gear
and others who had gear simply magically appear

I once heard of an “armor” lad who simply overslept, and woke up after a great big crash
the gold he saw was so obscene with tears of joy he wept, but still shared his millions and had a fine bash

From all the rumours I have heard the best one is this
I heard the day when the world will end, updates will surely land
So as surely as tomorrow we shall witness world peace
updates will be revealed behind a great big band….

The moral of the story is simple but its true…
sleep more, play less and drink a whiskey or two…