[Mythic Saga] Dreaded 50% chance

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I have a level 50 weapon that I can’t temper to 11 despite the ‘50%’ chance (spending 2 days trying to upgrade with full blessings, wasting all my 400 credits on pearls, etc) :(. And I am stuck on Virgo 4th Sun with 50% for what has been 3 days (8000 energy spent each day). Anyone else as unlucky as me? x.x

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Sorry for the inconvenience,when the weapon and zodiac come to high level it will be like this,not so easy to success. So my suggestion i to put your materials in the gears easy to upgrade,zodiac hard to upgrade you can upgrade the element and skyblade.That two also need energy but at begining level its easy to success,heh.

Mythic Saga Team

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Thank you for the tips. As for the elements my luck is the same with the 50% chances, not much success.