[Esgrima 2] Unlocking The Officer Class

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Ok, I keep getting asked multiple times a day “How do I unlock the Officer?”
I’ll keep this as short and sweet as I possibly can. First off, make sure you complete ALL of nefcok’s quests (who is in first city far left) before starting. Yes, you must unlock the prison. Ok, so you finished that boring quest chain, good job!

Now, it is time to head over to frostreach (Ice Town). Accept the Frostreach Soldiers quest when you can, I cannot remember the lvl required sorry. Complete all of his quests leading up to and destroying the “Destroyer”.

Now you should get the last quest from the Frostreach soldier, that will unlock Espada Outpost (located on 4th island top left corner) Enter said outpost, talk to the “Empire Officer” accept his quest of collecting three moonstones. Ok, now this is where it becomes FUN. Moonstones usually cost 8 gold a piece, however you can aquire these buy using denar to buy gold from other players. Such as “Buying gold 1:110k” 1 gold per 110k denar. Good luck with aquiring these fiesty devil spawn stones. Turn in the quest after you finish to recieve the next.

Next quest requires you to gather 3 secret docments. (a.k.a. Secret Drawings from Fuego Mountain mobs) Just kill the mobs and retreat after reaching boss, or kill him if you are with a group, whatever suits you. Turn in quest.

Next quest require you to talk to nefcok once again. Talk to him and head back to Epada Outpost. Accept the next quest.

The Empire Officer wants to get you him “Something to drink” a wine. This can be aquired from the warrior collector in port ville for 4 warrior stones. Buy the wine and return to espada. Turn in quest.

Accept LAST quest when you are prepared for an auto-started mission. After you accept ths quest, you will be fight 3 lvl 50 elite bandits or something. They are not too hard to kill, they have aound 12,000-15,000hp cant remember :P
After you kill these. you fight a boss with about 40,000-50,000hp. Kill him and turn in quest.

After quest turn in you should see “OFFICER CLASS UNLOCKED”. Congratulations to you, you deserve it after much agony and boring quests. Hope this helps you all.

Any questions PM me in game, Name Drommy, Dromeda, Drom3da. thanks to all who needed this posted. Happy hunting.

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Oh, and you may also want to buy 18 more gold with denar if you have it, to unlock a 3rd class slot.

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You should really be sending people to this page or the page it links to http://www.kongregate.com/forums/261-esgrima-2/topics/325082-musketeer-officer-stuff
it’s an invaluable guide to everything officer including items skills and unlocking him.

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If I would have seen that in the first place i would have. I didnt really wanna right this but meh, it’s here :P

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The level requirement for the frost tech soldiers quest is lvl 47 he asks you to defeat the destroyer at sombra dungeon.

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You need finish eusobio´s quests in Valeria to unlock nefcok´s quests first. without this the prision still locked